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Unbecoming views

Barkha Dutt in Invisible borders (July 29) questions the low representation of Muslims in the police, armed forces and bureaucracy even though selection to these is based on merit and regardless of religion.

india Updated: Aug 05, 2006 03:48 IST

Unbecoming views

Barkha Dutt in Invisible borders (July 29) questions the low representation of Muslims in the police, armed forces and bureaucracy even though selection to these is based on merit and regardless of religion. If recent terror attacks are symbolic of Muslims’ loss of faith in the Indian State post-Gujarat riots, how about similar sentiments among Hindus post-Kashmiri Pandits’ expulsion from the Valley? Religious fanatism cannot be justified under any circumstances.

Abhinav Sharma
via e-mail


Barkha Dutt is wrong in claiming that Muslims in India are not treated as equals. Many Hindus are also in a sorry state. The reason for Muslims being the least literate is that they prefer sending their kids to madrasas instead of schools. Instead of pointing out the religious angle, Dutt should point at the major problems plaguing India, like Naxalism, poverty and over-population.

Abhishek Shokeen


Barkha Dutt reminds us of the misery of the Muslim community that lives on the margins of our society. She has rightly pointed out that poverty and illiteracy among Muslims need to be addressed instead of holding all Muslims accountable for terrorism.

Sami Rafiq

Expose the reality

Vikram Sood’s Securing the State (August 2) exposes how jehadi indoctrination against Jews and Hindus begins early in Pakistan and how, for 60 years now, the venom that is spewed there on non-Muslims has become its army’s core issue instead of Kashmir itself. We hope the media will shed more light on the truth.

Arvind Lavakare

Uplift the destitute

Apropos of the editorial Who are we kidding? (August 3), banning employment of children below 14 is a welcome step. But if children in many lower-class families do not help their parents make both ends meet, the going becomes tough. Unless our leadership sincerely works towards the cause of these children and allocates sufficient funds for their education, food etc, the ban will not achieve its intended objective.

DK Juneja

No more killing

The article Defending a people (August 4) by Alan M. Dershowitz is shocking. It is unfortunate that a learned professor is justifying the killing of civilians in Lebanon. How many times has Israel claimed to destroy the terrorist network by killing civilians? The fact that this network is intact shows that Israel’s policies and actions have ended up driving more people towards terrorism.

Mukhtar Ahmad


Dershowitz is justifying the killing of thousands of innocent people in return for the kidnapping of two soldiers by the Hezbollah. Israel has left innocent civilians with no chance to escape as all roads are blocked due to incessant bombardment. There is no justification for such killing.

Hafeezur Rahman

For science education

Rajesh Kochhar’s article Science and sensibility (August 2) should serve as a warning for India and its policy-makers. We need science and technology to eradicate poverty. Scientists should be paid more than other professionals and generous scholarships should be offered for science education.

JS Bali


We are unduly obsessed with professional degrees, which lure us with prospects of good jobs and fat pay-packets. For sustainable, long-term development of our country, the study of pure science cannot be neglected. We should improve the manner of science teaching to attract more students.

Mayur Bahan Roy

Get the truth

This refers to Natwar and son misused position, friends took money, Cong off hook (August 4). There is more to this issue than meets the eye because the Pathak Commission seems to have worked under the Congress’s influence. The scandal should be investigated by a more impartial authority in order to get to the bottom of the matter.

Bal Govind

Muslim leaders to blame

While Lamenting backwardness, illiteracy and lack of jobs for our Muslim brethren, can Barkha Dutt enlighten us as to who are responsible for their plight? When a Muslim boy from an ordinary family can become a renowned scientist and the President of India, can we still say Muslimc lack opportunity? It is their own leaders who are responsible for their plight.

Brijender Mehta

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