Why should we regenerate our body?
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Why should we regenerate our body?

Take a few moments off to tell yourself that you do not have to be sick, that this is not your reality. Then go choose reality as you like it.

india Updated: Feb 10, 2004 16:35 IST

Ask yourself this simple question, "What could possibly be so important in my life that I must ignore the real needs of my body now, and pay the price with an illness later? Or with a fuzzy mind, a weakened immune system, and a debilitated body?"

Try answering this question honestly, and the answer would surprise even yourself. Yes, you, whom you think knows everything there is to know about yourself. It is only laziness, and lack of a vision of a lifetime filled with the vigour and vitality of eternal youth and beauty, that is the biggest impediment to creating this vision. And the realization will come that it is now time to create that body which regenerates itself year after year.

If you really want an extended lifespan where you are strong and active and healthy, and can forcefully imagine how much more joy and fine living you can extract out of your life, then you can embrace the higher wisdom of your soul to tell you how to achieve this.

Take a few moments off to tell yourself that you do not have to be sick, that that is not your reality. Then go on to choose the reality that you think would satisfy your dreams of a new life with a balance of health and higher vitality. Check on your will to heal, and bring forth the finer frequencies of light into your body.

How do you contact this higher wisdom of your soul to guide you? If you knew that there was a powerful dynamo of good health awaiting you inside, would you not fight to find a way to release the key to yourself?

Firstly, look for something that has great value to your heart, that extraordinary passion for doing that particular thing which would help unleash the flow of love energy from your heart.

Embracing something you love opens your heart, just as a flower opens when the sun's rays kiss it gently. The petals of light of your heart charka also begin to vibrate gently to the passionate music created when you absorb yourself in your spiritually creative exercise. They open to become a radiant 'flower of light', which in turn, activates the immune system, inspiring and nourishing the body, strengthening it.

When you are touching this internal wisdom, it also raises your will to be well. Even if you are only sitting and visualizing how you may take part in a grand exercise that is deeply meaningful to you, or what group of like-minded people you would like to link up with, your will to perfect health becomes stronger. Your will to express the wisdom of your heart also brings you a longer life.

The two are very closely connected, the will to express the highest wisdom of your heart and your health and longevity. And as your will, through repeatedly focusing on your goals, becomes stronger, so does your time and energy work to support you in your healing the body.
You may already be doing what ever has a deep meaning for you, whether it is raising your children, running a business, working for a company whose wisdom and goals are synchronous with yours, or educating yourself.

Imagine how much more effective and joyful your life can be as you visualize this future. Look at every physical problem as a stepping-stone to learning to finding and embracing the higher will of your soul, till your soul purpose becomes crystal clear.

Receive the rejuvenating Light from this crystal of self-knowing, focus it into your life, and step forth into a world of eternal vigour and vitality, bountiful blessings and balance!

First Published: Feb 10, 2004 16:35 IST