Your campaign has made my days brighter, healthier, more energised
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Your campaign has made my days brighter, healthier, more energised

On August 25, Hindustan Times launched its Fitter Mumbai campaign and invited you to send in your fitness resolutions. A small sample of the feedback...

india Updated: Sep 12, 2011 11:59 IST

Iwould like to express my gratitude to Hindustan Times. Your Fitter Mumbai campaign makes my day brighter.

Being a homemaker, my day starts with a morning jog followed by surya namaskar and meditation exercises.

I never get time to go to a gym or attend a yoga class. But now I have made a resolution to maintain my fitness schedule.
Exercise increases vitality,increases immunity to illnesses, and help us stay calm.

We are living in a stressful world, with little time to release tensions. The real stress busters, hence, are a proper diet, regular
exercises and meditation.
Tanu Bhargava

A great campaign.
Thank you
I applaud Hindustan Times for its remarkable fitness campaign.

I truly feel that those who do not find time for exercise need to realise that they will later have to find time for illness instead.

In June 2010, I had to lose at least 12kg. I had become bulky and rapidly lost self-esteem.

Being a mother of a one-yearold further diminished my energy levels. One day, I received a flyer offering a good discount at a Juhu
gym. I went for the kill and since then, there has been no looking back.

Initially, I was into weight training, but I felt I was getting sudden aches and pains, so I switched to cardio, which is definitely a bit monotonous, but the results are highly impressive.

I started receiving compliments by the dozen, which boosted my self-esteem. I felt like I was growing younger.

I have also trimmed my portions nof food, switched to brown bread and olive oil. On days when I feel too lethargic to go to the gym,
I jog at Juhu beach, which is refreshing and equally effective.
Rashika Vazirani

I’m fit at 65, thanks to 19 years of walking
I am 65 but I have been walking for 19 years to stay fit and healthy.

In fact, walking for 2 hours everyday irrespective of whether it’s sunny, raining or chilling has become an addiction for me.

If for some reason, I can’t go for my regular morning and evening walks, I feel I have missed out on something that day.
Being a non-vegetarian, I also believe in the philosophy ‘an egg a day keeps the fatigue away’.
Kepee Rajan

Skip the bus ride, take a walk instead
There are people who come to gymnasiums in cars and motorcycles. After exercising, they binge on junk food. This defeats the purpose
of exercising.

Alternatively, instead of taking a rickshaw and a bus ride, walking short distances is also a good form of exercise.

Even carrying your own bags in a grocery store instead of using a trolley can have a good effect on one’s health.

I believe that such small efforts can contribute to better health and well-being.
Ketan R Meher

Westerners practise yoga, we eat pizzas
Hollywood celebrities have adopted yoga. We, on the other hand, have adopted their style of eating junk foods such as burgers and pizzas.

Stay away from oily vada pavs and cheesy burgers and pizzas. Once in a while is okay, but they shouldn’t become a habit.
Karthik Subramaniam

First Published: Sep 12, 2011 11:56 IST