Zim cricket manager sacked

Zimbabwe's national cricket team manager was sacked by their cricket authorities on Tuesday.

india Updated: Jan 31, 2006 18:55 IST

Zimbabwe's national cricket team manager Mohammed "Babu" Meman was sacked by Zimbabwe Cricket authorities here on Tuesday after 15 years in the position.

A letter giving him three months notice was delivered to his home. Calling it "a disgrace" Meman went immediately to his lawyer to discuss his termination of service.

He has worked for Zimbabwe Cricket and previously the Zimbabwe Cricket Union for a total of more than 20 years and was previously a selector.

Also sacked today was former international spin bowler and long time selector Richie Kaschula, who has been employed for several years by ZC as one of its three national selectors. The other two, Ethan Dube and Macsood Ebrahim, were volunteers, but have stood down.

Kaschula is also consulting a lawyer. He said: "My termination falls under the Labour Relations Act. But this act requires a disciplinary procedure— and I have never been disciplined. This will end up in court."

Both termination letters gave three months notice plus an enclosed cheque, in Kaschula's case for 145 million Zimababwe dollars ($1,000).

Meanwhile several days of talks between the ZC Technical and Player Welfare Sub-Committee chairman Crispin Tsvarai and the players' association representative, Clive Field, appear to have ended in stalemate.

First Published: Jan 31, 2006 18:55 IST