The image shows a huge ‘teddy bear’ chasing the girl.(Twitter/@BuitengebiedenB)
The image shows a huge ‘teddy bear’ chasing the girl.(Twitter/@BuitengebiedenB)

Little girl gets chased by a ‘pink bear’. Video’s ending may surprise you

When we say bear, what we really mean is a teddy bear.
Hindustan Times, New Delhi | By Sanya Budhiraja
PUBLISHED ON MAY 31, 2020 03:44 PM IST

In recent times teddy bears have captured netizens attention by embarking on some rather unusual adventures. For instance, just recently a video of 22 stuffed bears riding on a roller coaster graced the Internet and it is safe to say that people couldn’t ‘bear’ to keep their cool (pun shamelessly intended). Now another member of this family is making tweeple giggle but for wholly different reasons.

This 20-second-long video was posted on Twitter on May 29. Shared to by an account named ‘Buitengebieden’, the video has been captioned, “Can’t stop laughing. Watch till the end”. Realistically, this instruction is a little redundant. As given the high hilarity quotient of this content you probably wouldn’t be able to help yourself but watch till the very end.

The recording shows an open lawn. A giant pink teddy is seen in the middle of the garden, mounted on a tiny human’s shoulders. Viewers can hear a little girl’s screams from the far end of the yard even before the bear starts charging towards her.

However, as if smelling the little girl’s fear, the stuffed animal starts chasing her relentlessly. The child runs towards the camera and says, “Mommy, a bear. A bear, mommy”.

At this point, it becomes clear that the soft-toy is being pushed around by a little boy. Probably tired of this little cardio workout and maybe weighed down by carrying an assembly of cotton around, the boy seems exhausted. The film ends with the little mister just falling on his back on the grass. Thankfully, the big furry bear cushions his fall, literally.

This tweet currently has over 50 retweets and almost 250 likes.

Here is how tweeple reacted to the share. One person said, “This actually happened to me when I was a kid, but it was my uncle in a gorilla costume”. Now that’s a video we’d like to see.

While another individual wrote, “Bear pooped out”. Many also left numerous laughing emojis on the thread.

What are your thoughts on this brave girl who just bear-ly survived this wild chase?

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