The image shows a tweet from the Thoughts of Dogs Twitter account along with a rare doggo sit.(Twitter)
The image shows a tweet from the Thoughts of Dogs Twitter account along with a rare doggo sit.(Twitter)

Tweet asks doggos of the Internet about the rarest sit. Hoomans fill the thread with cute pictures

The ‘Thoughts of Dog’ Twitter account shared this post on July 20, which then became a thread of rarest and cutest dog sits.
Hindustan Times, NEw Delhi | By Sanya Budhiraja
PUBLISHED ON JUL 21, 2020 05:19 PM IST

Usually, it is our furry little feline friends who are often known for their ‘if it fits I sits’ antics. Now, here is a Twitter thread that is bringing to life our beloved doggos’ unique sitting habits which may have been previously overshadowed.

A Twitter account called ‘Thoughts of Dogs’ shared this tweet on July 20. “The rarest sit. is the multi-level stair sit. during which my butt is on one stair. while my front feet extend to the stair below. it is a powerful combination. of comfort and style,” read the post.

Since being shared, the post has created quite a buzz on the micro-blogging application. Currently, the tweet has over 6,800 retweets and comments along with over 1 lakh likes.

Tweeple took this opportunity to share the rarest sits of their doggos. Here are some pictures of the unique sits from the thread.

Dixie seems to love a little multi-stair sit.

That is one new standing sit, that’s for sure.

Why rare sit alone when you can rare sit with a friend? Comfort and style to the max along with a sprinkle of companionship.

A Twitter user responded to the previous picture by writing, “They protec, they attack, they use a second stair to hold up their bacc”. Now if that isn’t poetry, we don’t know what is.

All doggos in agreement with the bi-level sit being the best say ‘aye’.

Looks like Gretta, the pooch, is enlightening the community about a new type of sit: a multi-level couch sit. How novel and innovative.

What are your thoughts on this Twitter thread and rare sits?

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