An activist hold placards during a protest against a rape at Hauz Khas village in New Delhi.(AFP File Photo)
An activist hold placards during a protest against a rape at Hauz Khas village in New Delhi.(AFP File Photo)

Man pays for vile rape threat to woman on Facebook, arrested in Kolkata

Agniswar Chakraborty threatened to rape a woman until she “begs for mercy”.
Hindustan Times, New Delhi | By HT Correspondent
UPDATED ON OCT 11, 2017 11:37 AM IST

A man who on Facebook allegedly threatened to rape a woman till she “begs for mercy” after she deleted a smiley he had posted on her profile has been arrested in Kolkata.

Agniswar Chakraborty will face criminal proceedings, Kolkata Police tweeted, claiming that he has admitted his guilt and his mobile has been seized.

Chakraborty also wrote that his friends will rape the woman’s minor brother and force him to watch his sister being raped.His comments caused outrage and started debate about cyber stalking.

Pranaadhika Sinha Devburman, the founder of a Facebook page called ‘Shontu – United against Online Harassment’, said she got to know about the threat from a friend and she was helping the victim draft a FIR with Bidhannagar Police.

She told Scoopwhoop on Tuesday: “The guy is liable to jail time after the FIR is lodged. Among other charges, we are also going to charge him under POCSO Act because he threatened her 14-year-old brother with rape and abuse.”

Devburman also said Chakraborty has threatened people on social media before.

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The woman, in her 20s, is currently studying in Australia but her family lives in Kolkata, said Devburman.

The accused allegedly threatened the woman with rape after she deleted a comment posted by him on her Facebook picture, according to reports. Chakraborty’s profile has since been suspended by Facebook.

Voice against Cyber Harassment began an online petition to the Kolkata high court, demanding strict punishment for Chakraborty. The campaign on, signed by over 21,000 people, says: “Strict action should be taken against him so that an example is set once and for all , that you cannot simply get away with such acts of atrocities towards a woman.”

Social media users, including comedians Jose Covaco and Sorabh Pant, were enraged by the comment and tweeted to Kolkata Police on Monday demanding action against Chakraborty.

Stricter laws and harsher punishments for offences against women were enforced after the brutal December 16, 2012 gangrape of a paramedic in a bus in New Delhi. Misuse of electronic communication to harass someone and hacking into someone’s email account was made a criminal offence as well.

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