Focal point mastery: How to create striking centerpieces in each room - Hindustan Times

Focal point mastery: How to create striking centerpieces in each room

ByZarafshan Shiraz, New Delhi
Jan 07, 2024 05:58 PM IST

Home decor and design experts share tips to create well-crafted focal point that captivates the eye and tells a story, enriching the narrative of interior space

Mastering the art of creating focal points is a cornerstone of architectural and design excellence where a well-crafted focal point not only commands attention but also breathes life and character into a space. It serves as the anchor around which the entire design narrative revolves, establishing a sense of purpose and visual harmony.

Focal point mastery: How to create striking centerpieces in each room (Photo by Douglas Sheppard on Unsplash)
Focal point mastery: How to create striking centerpieces in each room (Photo by Douglas Sheppard on Unsplash)

A thoughtfully chosen focal point has the power to evoke emotion and leave a lasting impression, enriching the narrative of the space and creating a truly memorable experience for its inhabitants. To elaborate upon this, we got on board some expert architects and designers who spilled the beans on creative ways to create striking centrepieces in each room.

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  • The Power of Art and Accessories

Carefully selected artwork and accessories can evoke emotion and define the character of a room. Ar Sharmin Wade, Partner and Principal Architect of Studio SB, suggested, “Eye-catching art pieces, be it vibrant paintings or thought-provoking sculptures, become powerful focal points, infusing the space with personality. However, the placement should be deliberate, considering sightlines and natural traffic flows within the room.”

He added, “Further, statement accessories like unique lighting fixtures, intricate mirrors, or distinctive vases, provide the finishing touches that complete the design, adding depth and visual interest to the room.” These accessories should be selected for their individual appeal, while also creating a cohesive and harmonious visual experience for occupants.

  • Colour and Texture Dynamics

Colour and texture play a crucial role in shaping focal points and evoking specific moods within a room. Ar Anurag Pashine, Co-Founder and Principal Architect of Salankar Pashine & Associates, explained, “Strategic use of colour, whether through bold contrasts or harmonious palettes, guides the eye towards the intended focal point.”

Ar Pallavi Pashine shared, “Texture, on the other hand, creates a sensory experience, enriching the tactile and visual aspects of the space. By incorporating a variety of textures, from smooth surfaces to tactile materials, architects and designers enhance the impact of the chosen focal point, creating a multi-dimensional and engaging environment.”

  • Strategic Furniture Placement

Thoughtful arrangements of furniture can direct focus towards a chosen area, transforming it into a compelling focal point. “By strategically positioning furniture around a central element, such as an attractive artwork or a statement furniture piece, designers can create gathering points that encourage interaction and conversation. This arrangement also ensures that the focal point remains accessible and functional,” said Rohit Bhoite, Principal Designer at RB House of Design.

He concluded, “Multi-functional furniture, like a sculptural coffee table or an intricately designed bookshelf, offers both practicality and aesthetic appeal, becoming the focus of the room and inviting engagement.” By strategically leveraging these techniques, architects and designers have the power to transform interior spaces into extraordinary experiences, leaving a lasting impression on those who inhabit them.

Remember, a well-crafted focal point not only captivates the eye but also tells a story, enriching the narrative of the space.

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