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Murphy beds buying guide: How to buy the best wall beds online with our selection of top picks

Jul 09, 2024 02:32 PM IST

Guide to buying Murphy beds: Choose the best wall beds or the right hardware to customise to maximise bedroom space efficiently and effortlessly.

In today’s time and age where space is becoming an increasingly limited commodity, it is time to get smart and space-savvy. Murphy beds are the perfect solution to convertible spaces and can transform your child's playroom into a bedroom in an instant. It is also a great addition to guest rooms where you want to keep the space open and free for activities like morning yoga or install a workstation for your work-from-home office, but do it in a spacious way and not feel cramped into a room.

The best guide to understanding Murphy beds or wall-mounted beds. Also, find top picks for hardware to construct them.
The best guide to understanding Murphy beds or wall-mounted beds. Also, find top picks for hardware to construct them.

Murphy beds are space-saving solutions that fold up into a wall or cabinet when not in use. They help maximise room space by providing a comfortable sleeping area that can be easily hidden away. Ideal for small flats or multipurpose rooms, Murphy beds offer convenience without sacrificing comfort.

Why is it called a Murphy bed?

The Murphy bed is named after its inventor, William Murphy, who patented the design in the early 20th century. Seeking to optimise space in his one-room flat, Murphy created a bed that could fold up into a wall, allowing him to use the room for other purposes during the day.

What are the features of a Murphy bed?

Space-savingFolds vertically into a wall or cabinet, freeing up floor space.
MechanismTypically equipped with a gas or spring mechanism for easy lifting/lowering.
SafetyIncludes safety locks to prevent accidental folding or unfolding.
ComfortOffers a comfortable sleeping surface, often comparable to regular beds.
VersatilityIdeal for small spaces, guest rooms, or multipurpose rooms.

What height clearance is needed for a Murphy bed?

A standard Murphy bed requires a clearance of about 7 feet (2.1 metres) from floor to ceiling to accommodate its vertical folding mechanism. This clearance ensures the bed can be fully extended and safely secured when in use, while allowing enough room for comfortable sleeping.

Are Murphy beds uncomfortable?

No, Murphy beds are not inherently uncomfortable. They typically feature comfortable mattresses and are designed to provide a quality sleeping experience similar to traditional beds. Factors such as mattress quality and personal preference can influence comfort levels, but many users find Murphy beds quite comfortable for occasional or regular use.

How safe are Murphy beds?

Murphy beds are generally safe when used according to the manufacturer's guidelines. They include safety features like locking mechanisms to prevent accidental folding and sturdy hardware for support. Proper installation and maintenance are crucial to ensure stability and reliability. Like any hardware, following safety instructions reduces the risk of injuries during operation.

Do Murphy beds damage walls?

Murphy beds are designed to minimise damage to walls when installed correctly. They typically attach securely to the wall with anchors or brackets that distribute weight evenly. Regular use according to manufacturer guidelines helps prevent wear and tear. Proper installation by professionals ensures minimum damage to wall surfaces over time.

How much room is needed for a Murphy bed?

A Murphy bed requires enough floor space for the bed to extend fully when unfolded. Typically, this includes a clearance in front of the bed equivalent to its length, plus a small additional space for ease of movement. The exact space needed varies based on the bed size. A small 10x10 feet room can easily accommodate a king-size Murphy bed if there is no furniture on the wall opposite to that of the bed. But it would block a lot of space - you can fold it back up when you need space for other activities.

Are Murphy beds easy to pull down?

Yes, Murphy beds are designed to be easy to pull down and fold up. They typically feature mechanisms such as gas or spring systems that assist in lifting and lowering the bed smoothly. Most users find operating Murphy beds straightforward and manageable with minimal effort.

Our top recommendations:

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Pros and cons of Murphy beds you need to consider:

Space-saving: Frees up floor space when not in use.Installation: Requires proper installation often by professionals.
Versatility: Ideal for small rooms or multipurpose spaces.Cost: Can be more expensive than traditional beds.
Comfort: Can accommodate regular mattresses for a good night's sleep.Limited storage: This may not include under-bed storage like regular beds.
Aesthetics: Can be customised to match room decor.Maintenance: Requires occasional maintenance to ensure smooth operation.
Guest-friendly: Convenient for accommodating guests in small spaces.Perceived complexity: Some users may find it intimidating to operate initially.

Safety factors to consider while using Murphy beds

Installation Quality: Ensure the bed frame is securely anchored to wall studs using appropriate screws or bolts. Proper installation prevents the bed from dislodging or collapsing unexpectedly.

Weight Limitations: Adhere to the weight capacity specified by the manufacturer. Overloading the bed can strain the mechanism and lead to malfunction or damage.

Smooth Operation: Test the bed's folding and unfolding mechanism regularly to ensure it operates smoothly. Address any stiffness or resistance promptly to prevent strain on the mechanism.

Safety Locks: Ensure that safety locks engage correctly when the bed is in the upright and horizontal positions. These locks prevent accidental folding or unfolding, reducing the risk of injuries.

Clearance Space: Maintain adequate clearance around the bed when folding down and storing. Remove obstacles that could interfere with the bed's movement or cause tripping hazards.

Child Safety: Consider installing childproof locks or mechanisms if there are young children in the household. Supervise children around Murphy beds to prevent accidents or misuse.

Maintenance: Regularly inspect the bed frame, lifting mechanism, and hardware for signs of wear or damage. Follow maintenance guidelines provided by the manufacturer to ensure safe and reliable operation over time.

Emergency Procedures: Familiarise yourself with emergency procedures in case someone becomes trapped or injured while using the Murphy bed. Know how to release the bed quickly and safely if necessary.

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Can you build a custom Murphy bed with the right fittings?

Yes, custom Murphy beds can be built to fit specific requirements and room dimensions. Professional builders and carpenters can create bespoke designs tailored to individual needs, including unique fittings and features. This customisation allows for personalised solutions that maximise space and functionality in any environment.

Buy the right hardware for your custom-builds:

Do Murphy beds use regular mattresses?

Yes, Murphy beds can accommodate regular mattresses. They are available in various sizes to fit standard mattress dimensions, including twin, full, queen, and king sizes. It's essential to choose a mattress thickness that aligns with the bed's specifications to ensure proper folding and comfort when in use.

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