Prateek Sadhu’s quick momo magic
Prateek Sadhu’s quick momo magic

Prateek Sadhu: DIY momos

Craving momos and want to make a vegan version all by yourself? Our expert gives a noob-proof recipe to satisfy your craving
By Pratek Sadhu
PUBLISHED ON JUN 27, 2021 07:31 AM IST

Momo mia!

I have been craving momos, but I’m vegan. Is it possible to make vegan momos at home without a steamer?

—Arpita, Via Instagram

Momo dough is vegan, so you can make vegan momos. Make sure your filling is all vegetable, soy, sesame, ginger, garlic. And you can make it without a steamer. Take a pan, brush a little bit of oil on the pan, put the momos in the pan. Add a little bit of water and cover the pan. So it is steamed and pan-fried — like Japanese gyozas. You just need a nice non-stick pan and a lid, that’s it

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