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Monsoon fevers: 6 types of fever that can affect you in rainy season apart from Covid

Jul 13, 2022 09:47 AM IST

An expert talks about the signs and symptoms of all the common monsoon fevers that could affect you during rainy season.

The pleasant weather and heavy rains in monsoon provide a much-needed relief from the searing heat, but the season also attracts a host of illnesses because of all the bacteria and viruses that are active. Monsoon fevers are quite common during the season and experts say people should not self-diagnose themselves as it could be anything from viral fever, Covid, dengue, malaria to typhoid. Not taking the correct meditation could mean fever could stretch longer and weaken us. One must pay attention to the symptoms as each of these illnesses have certain distinguishing signs that could help one get the right treatment. (Also read: Beware of these common monsoon diseases; expert tips on how to prevent them)

Monsoon fevers are quite common during the season and experts say people should not self-diagnose themselves(Pixabay)
Monsoon fevers are quite common during the season and experts say people should not self-diagnose themselves(Pixabay)

Mosquito-borne diseases are quite common during monsoon and people are at risk of suffering from dengue, malaria or chikungunya. While in dengue, people experience high grade fever and join pain, in malaria people report chills and headaches. In chikungunya, excruciating multiple joint pain is felt. While in typhoid, fever starts low and increases gradually. There is also weakness, headache, stomach ache and dry cough.

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Dr Manjusha Agarwal, Senior Consultant - Internal Medicine at Global Hospital, Parel talks about 5 types of fever that can affect people in monsoons apart from Covid-19.

Dengue: The fever in case of this mosquito-born illness is a high-grade one accompanies by severe joint pain, backache, dizziness, faintness, chills. The disease runs its own course and there is no specific medicine for its treatment. It is important for the patient to stay hydrated. There are different types of dengue fever and it can be life threatening in some cases. Early identification of a complication can help save a person's life.

Malaria fever: The disease is caused by a parasite that is spread to humans through bite of an infected mosquito. Severe chills, shivering, headaches and body pain are some of its symptoms. Like Covid, Malaria can be fatal too and there could be complications that could cause brain damage, breathing problems, organ failure or low blood sugar.

Chikungunya fever: This is again spread in people by a bite of infected mosquito. It is associated with short duration fever which is then followed by excruciating multiple joint pain. There is currently no vaccine to prevent or medicine to treat chikungunya virus infection.

Typhoid fever: Food poisoning due to contaminated food can cause this and the symptoms include fever, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. It is a bacterial infection and can spread to different organs of the body. Early treatment is required to prevent complications. Typhoid fever persists despite oral medication and usually requires hospitalization and treatment.

Viral fever: The fevers which are non-Covid in origin are also on the rise during this season. They present with fever, cough, cold and respond to usual antivirals.

Leptospirosis: This bacterial disease can affect both humans and animals and a person suffering from it can have high fever, headache, chills, vomiting, jaundice, abdominal pain and rashes. Experts say the cases might increase in areas affected by heavy rainfall as people may get it while wading through contaminated rain waters. It is a preventable illness if antibiotic prophylaxis is taken after consultation with your physician.

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