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Morning glow: From cleansing to moisturising, tips for crafting the perfect AM skincare routine

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Jun 10, 2024 12:03 PM IST

Kickstart your day by mastering your morning skincare routine. Here are some essential tips to help you achieve healthy and radiant skin every morning.

The dewy hours of the morning bring forth a new day filled with endless possibilities and a chance to wake up your skin from its slumber. Skin that feels fresh and rejuvenated sets the tone for your entire day, acting as the foundation of a positive journey that awaits you. The key to healthy skin and an uplifted mood is none other than curating a consistent morning skincare regimen, which is nothing short of a love letter dedicated solely to your skin. After awakening from the night's tedious process of repairing and regeneration, it's certain that your skin requires that dose of extra attention in the morning.

Learn the essential steps of cleansing, applying serums, moisturising, and using SPF to protect and nourish your skin daily.(Pexels)
Learn the essential steps of cleansing, applying serums, moisturising, and using SPF to protect and nourish your skin daily.(Pexels)

The need for a dedicated morning skincare regime is further exacerbated by the toll caused by pollutants, UV rays, and stress that aggravate the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots. In tandem, a regular morning skincare routine can act as your saviour against these elements. Nevertheless, the journey to achieving the perfectly glowing and shining morning skincare routine is not without trial and error. (Also read: Skincare trends: Discover the magic of cocktail treatments for radiant and healthy skin)

Tips for Morning Skincare

Dr. Simal Soin, Founder and Chief Dermatologist, AAYNA Clinics and Chief Medical Officer, Clinikally shared with HT Lifestyle an easy morning skincare regime designed to keep your skin singing praises all day long.

1. Starting Off with Cleansing

After a long night, the skin tends to produce sebum, sweat and dead skin cells, which build up on the skin and clog the pores. By cleansing the skin in the morning, you can not only rid these impurities but wake up to revitalised skin. Having said that, it's pivotal to use a mild cleanser that refreshes the skin without stripping off its natural oil.

As a result, individuals dealing with oily and acne-prone skin should surely use a cleanser with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, crafted to prevent excessive oil and breakouts. At the same time, for dry or sensitive skin, a gentle hydrating cleanser will work best without causing any irritation.

2. Applying Serums

When it comes to the morning skincare regimen, serums are the unsung heroes that can bind the skin together in a blend of brightness and hydration. These lightweight formulas go a long mile in delivering potent ingredients to your skin. Packed with concentrated active elements that are known for targeting specific skin concerns, whether it's skin plumping or tightening, serums are an entire package. Spanning from peptide gel serums to Vitamin C, there's an endless number of serums available in the market. However, using the right type of serum varies across different skin types and requires the intervention of expert dermatologists.

3. Moisturise, Moisturise and Moisturise

In the realm of morning skincare, moisturising holds utmost precedence. Irrespective of the skin type, skipping out on moisturising means losing out on radiant, healthy-looking and feeling skin. A moisturiser creates a healthy barrier that keeps the good stuff in whilst heavily hydrating the skin to keep it plump and smooth. Among the numerous moisturisers available in the market, a morning moisturiser must contain ceramides, lipids, and hyaluronic acid. At its very core, moisturising is like hugging your skin in a warm embrace before getting on with your day.

4. Never Forget SPF

No morning skincare regime is complete without using sunscreen, which embodies a knight in shining armour ready to protect the skin from the blistering heat. Since sunscreen safeguards the skin from the petulant UV rays, its significance can certainly not be understated. As the sun continues to shine bright, it's important to make use of a broad-spectrum sunscreen that at least contains 30 SPF and is packed with antioxidants to shield the skin from both the sun and environmental pollutants.

"Curating a perfect morning skincare regimen starts by understanding your skin's needs and lovingly catering to those needs by taking up the right skin care measures. When you stand and witness your reflection in the mirror, it opens up the perfect window of opportunity for you to nourish your skin. Thus, embracing the morning is more about cherishing and loving your skin, backed by a skincare regime that calls for utmost consistency," concluded Dr. Soin.

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