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5 Important dog walking tips everyone should know

Sep 18, 2022 05:20 PM IST

Here is a list of five important dog walking tips that will make daily walks more enjoyable for you and your furry friend.

Dog's favourite activity during the day is taking a walk. It's crucial to take your pets for a stroll at least once every day. It all comes down to motivation and developing a habit if you want to start taking your dog for walks every day. Keep in mind that walking is beneficial for your dog's general health in addition to providing you and your dog with good exercise. If you’re a new pet parent, you might think dog walking is pretty simple but the truth is, making a walk enjoyable for both you and your pup requires some foresight and training. (Also read: Pet care tips: 5 essential life skills to teach your dogs )

5 important dog walking tips everyone should know(pexels)
5 important dog walking tips everyone should know(pexels)

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr Shantanu Kalambi, Chief Veterinarian at Supertails, shared five important dog walking tips for all pet parents:

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1. Have your dog on a comfortable collar, harness or a 6-feat leash

The best option for walking dogs is typically a harness because it relieves neck strain. You can also use a six-foot leash, which will give your dog the flexibility to sniff and explore on its own while remaining manageable and short enough for you to quickly regain control of your dog if necessary.

2. Let your dog sniff and explore

While on a walk, giving your dog a little freedom to roam around can make them feel more in charge and at ease. It allows them to use their natural senses, including sniffing their surroundings, letting your dog stop and smell along the walk is a good idea. Additionally, it is good for their health and aids in letting off surplus energy.

3. Carry poop bags

It is important to pick up your dog's waste and be a responsible dog owner therefore you should always carry poop bags and scoop that poop while walking your dog. Carrying poop bags makes it easy to toss in a trash can or dumpster.

4. Once in a while change your walking route to offer novelty

The dog can experience fresh sights and smells by altering the walking path. Dogs enjoy routines but to make the most of your walks, avoid being monotonous with them. Dogs enjoy being around new people, places and smells. If your dog is acting strangely, it might be time to change up the same old boring routine.

5. Keep your walks fun

Keep your walks fun by carrying your dog’s favourite treats and toys. Practice your commands while coming back from the walk. As you walk past, pause for a few minutes to chat with your neighbours. Most dogs enjoy a little additional attention, and it's simple to add some excitement to walks for you and your god.

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