5 amazing coconut water and malai recipes to beat the heat

Jun 02, 2022 07:08 PM IST

Not just coconut water, its malai or meat is packed with nutrients too. Here are 5 summer-special coconut water and malai recipes that you must try at home.

In the scorching summer heat, there is nothing quite as refreshing and cooling as coconut water with its natural electrolytes like potassium, sodium and manganese and amazing rehydration properties. Coconut has easily digestible carbs and offers many benefits for heart, skin hair, BP and digestion. Whether you are recovering from heat stroke, a mild illness or re-energizing your cells post exercise, coconut water can come to your rescue. (Also read: 7 lesser-known benefits of coconut water)

Here's a look at some quick recipes of coconut water and malai to beat the heat this summer.(Pinterest)
Here's a look at some quick recipes of coconut water and malai to beat the heat this summer.(Pinterest)

While many of us throw away the tender coconut after enjoying the tasty water, one must not forget to relish its malai or meat as well. The sloppy, white flesh or meat of coconut that you find inside the fruit after removing its water is full of benefits too. It also has important minerals like managanese and copper which could support heart health and bone formation.

"Coconut malai has several health benefits attached to it, similar to that of coconut water. It is a well-known fact malai is good for our body, especially in reducing cholesterol level and insulin level," says Rupali Mathur, Executive- Nutritionist, Cloudnine Punjabi Bagh- Delhi.

"Coconut water is rich in electrolytes such as potassium, and magnesium. Its natural sweetness gives no scope for its unnatural additives to mingle with it. It has the property to revitalize and energize your body to beat the summer and also when you are sick," adds Mathur.

As coconut water and its malai is easily available, let’s take look at some quick recipes to beat the heat this summer.

1. Tender Coconut Malai Pudding or Payasam

Tender Coconut Malai Pudding(Pinterest)
Tender Coconut Malai Pudding(Pinterest)

In a pan on medium heat, add 1 tbsp ghee or butter. Once hot, add 2 tbsp almonds and 2 tbsp cashews and saute until golden. To this, add 2 tbsp raisins and saute for 15 to 30 seconds. Transfer this to a plate and set it aside. Add 2 cups milk to the same pan, bring it to a boil, and simmer until it reduces to almost half. Then, add 1/4 cup add sugar and 1/4 tsp cardamom powder. Turn off the flame, and let it cool completely. Once the milk is cooled, add 1/2 cup coconut malai (flesh), 1/2 cup coconut water, roasted nuts, and mix until combined. Keep this in the refrigerator till you are ready to serve.

Rose and Tender Coconut Malai Ice Cream

Rose and Tender Coconut Malai Ice Cream(Pinterest)
Rose and Tender Coconut Malai Ice Cream(Pinterest)


For Flavoring Mixture

½ cup rose petal

A few drops rose essence

½ cup of tender coconut malai

Other Ingredients

2 ½ cup of milk

¾ cup sugar

2 tbsp cornflour

3/4th cup fresh cream.

Take ¾ cup cornflour and ¼ cup of cold milk in a bowl, mix well and keep aside.

- Pour the remaining 2½ cups of milk and sugar in a deep non–stick pan, mix well and boil on medium flame for 3-4 minutes while stirring occasionally.

- Add the cornflour mixture, mix well and cook on a medium flame for 1 minute, while stirring continuously.

- Remove from the flame and let it cool completely.

- After cooling add the fresh cream and mix well.

- Pour the mixture into a shallow aluminum container, cover it with an aluminum foil paper and freeze for 6-8 hours or till semi set.

- Pour the mixture into a mixer and blend till smooth.

- Transfer the mixture back into the same aluminum shallow container. Add the flavoring mixture and mix well. Cover it and let it freeze for approx. 10-12 hrs. Scoop and serve immediately.

Kiwi- Coconut Smoothie

Kiwi Coconut Smoothie(Pinterest)
Kiwi Coconut Smoothie(Pinterest)


2 kiwis, peeled and quartered

1/2 tsp honey

1 cup coconut water

2 tablespoons canned coconut milk

1 lemon, juiced (more to taste)

4 to 5 ice cubes.

Put all ingredients in a blender and blend it until smooth and creamy, for about 1-2 minute. Serve over ice and kiwi cubes.

Chia Coconut Pudding

Chia Coconut Pudding(Pinterest)
Chia Coconut Pudding(Pinterest)


½ cup chia seeds

3 cups of milk

½ tsp of vanilla essence

¼ tsp ground cinnamon

A pinch of salt

½ cup diced strawberries.


- Place chia seeds in a bowl. Beat milk, vanilla extract, cinnamon, and salt together in a bowl and pour it over chia seeds and stir well.

- Allow milk-chia seed mixture to soak until thickened, for at least 20 minutes. Cover bowl with transparent wrap and refrigerate overnight. Stir pudding and serve it with strawberries.

Tender coconut water jelly


Gelatin- 5 gm

Tender coconut water

Water - 1/2 cup

Sugar - 1/2 cup or as needed

Tender coconut flesh- ½ cup sliced thinly


- Soak gelatin in water for 10 minutes

- Heat till the gelatin is melted. Now add sugar and mix well.

- Add in coconut water and mix well.

- Add coconut malai into serving bowl. Pour the jelly water into the serving bowl and place it in the fridge till it is set. Serve chilled.

(Recipes by Rupali Mathur, Executive- Nutritionist, Cloudnine Punjabi Bagh, Delhi)

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