Ayurveda Day recipes: Garlicky Potato Salad, Baadal Jaam, Karate Ambade Ghashi

National Ayurveda Day 2021: Check out these unique and easy recipes of Garlicky Potato Salad, Baadal Jaam and Karate Ambade Ghashi that contain ingredients with various ayurvedic benefits
Ayurveda Day 2021 special recipes: Try Garlicky Potato Salad, Baadal Jaam, Karate Ambade Ghashi (Godrej Vikhroli Cucina)
Ayurveda Day 2021 special recipes: Try Garlicky Potato Salad, Baadal Jaam, Karate Ambade Ghashi (Godrej Vikhroli Cucina)
Updated on Nov 02, 2021 04:05 PM IST
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ByZarafshan Shiraz, Delhi

Cuisines that come with various added health benefits are our favourite and as we mark Ayurveda Day this Tuesday, we decided to relish a spread of Garlicky Potato Salad, Baadal Jaam and Karate Ambade Ghashi. These unique and easy recipes contain ingredients with various ayurvedic benefits.

1. Garlicky Potato Salad:


Garlicky Potato Salad:(Chef Javedakhtar A. Sayyad, Godrej Vikhroli Cucina)
Garlicky Potato Salad:(Chef Javedakhtar A. Sayyad, Godrej Vikhroli Cucina)



Potato 400 gm

Fresh Garlic Cloves 40 gm

Lemon Juice 20 ml

Slat 6-7 gm

White pepper powder 02 gm

Sunflower oil 30 ml

Coriander Fresh 01 tbls

Sunflower Seeds 05 gm

Flaxseeds 05 gm

Chickpeas Green (Dry) 20 gm

Ice-Burg Lettuce 120 gm


Soak over night dry green peas (Hara Chana) or use fresh if available. Peal potato and cut medium cubes or any required shape, hold in salted water for 10 min.

Boil potato for just 6-7 min (parboiled). Chop fresh garlic. Heat thick bottom pan add sunflower oil sauté chopped garlic until golden brown. Remove garlic hold in hand mortar.

Same oil sauté potato until gets golden brown. (Shallow Fry only). Chopped fresh coriander, Garlic (Brown), salt and pepper grind in mortar roughly. Add lemon juice to mortar mixture. Dress warm potato with mortar mixture.

Roast sunflower seeds and flaxseeds lightly. Arrange dressed potato salad in plate or salad bowl on bed of lettuce. Topped with roasted sunflower seeds, flax seeds and green chickpeas.

Garnish with sprig of coriander leaves. Serve salad warm only.

(Recipe: Chef Javedakhtar A. Sayyad, Godrej Vikhroli Cucina)

2. Baadal Jaam


Baadal Jaam(Chef Manoj Kamble, Godrej Vikhroli Cucina)
Baadal Jaam(Chef Manoj Kamble, Godrej Vikhroli Cucina)



Brinjal (bhurta variety) 1 Kg

Groundnut Oil 250 ml

Onions 250 gm

Ginger 30 Gm

Garlic 30 Gm

Red chilly powder 50 Gm

Turmeric 5 Gm

Tomatoes 500 Gm

Lime 2 No.

Salt 10 Gm

Green coriander 250 gm

Hung curd (chakka) 300 gm

Edible silver foil 2 Sheets


Wash and cut brinjals into 1-centimeter thick roundels. Deep fry in Godrej refined groundnut oil. Drain and arrange on baking trays.

Chop onions finely. Blanch and concasse tomatoes. Prepare paste with ginger and half the garlic. Chop remaining garlic finely. Chop coriander keeping some sprigs aside for garnish.

Heat some oil in a pan and Sauté onions. Add ginger-garlic paste and fry. Add chilli powder, tomatoes and salt. Cook until thick. Adjust seasonings.

Whisk hung curd. Add chopped garlic, lime juice, salt and chopped green coriander. Mix lightly.

You can also pan fry the brinjal before putting them into the oven. Spoon out a ladleful of tomato sauce over each roundel of brinjal. Place in a moderately hot oven for 5-7 minutes.

Remove from the oven, pipe out a small portion of hung curd mixture at the center, put a sprig of coriander and serve immediately as the hung curd starts melting.

(Recipe: Chef Manoj Kamble, Godrej Vikhroli Cucina)

3. Karate Ambade Ghashi

Karate Ambade Ghashi(Godrej Vikhroli Cucina)
Karate Ambade Ghashi(Godrej Vikhroli Cucina)



bitter gourd – 1no

hog plums – 5 to 6 nos

fresh grated coconut – ½ cup

jaggery grated 1&1/2 tbspn

urad dal 1 tspn

fenugreek seeds- 6 to 8 nos

coriander seeds – 1 tspn

dried red chillies – 5 nos

mustard seeds- ½ tspn

curry leaves – 2 sprigs

Groundnut oil - 3 tbspn

Salt to taste


Wash vegetables , slice the bitter gourd and keep aside. Smash the hog plum using a pestle so that its tanginess is released in the gravy. Boil the hog plums and bitter gourd slices in about 1 and half cup of water in a pot.

When they are half cooked, add in salt, jaggery and continue cooking. The jaggery helps in adjusting the bitterness of the bitter gourd and sourness of hog plums so add accordingly as per your taste .

Meantime prepare the ground masala. 

Method for the ground masala:

Heat 1 tablespoon of oil in a pan and add in fenugreek seeds, urad dal, coriander seeds, dried red chillies broken into pieces and fry them until the urad dal starts to brown.

Cool it down and then grind it along with grated fresh coconut into a smooth paste using as much water as required. When the veggies are almost cooked, add in the ground masala and mix well.

Add water as required to bring the curry to a medium thick consistency and bring curry to come to a boil. Simmer the curry for few minutes until the masala is well cooked and there is no raw flavour. Check and add salt as per your taste.

Remove the curry from the fire and now temper it.

Method for the tempering: 

Heat remaining oil in a tempering pan, add in mustard seeds. When they begin to splutter, add in curry leaves and let them sizzle for few seconds. Add the tempering to the curry and mix well.

Serve the curry hot with steaming boiled rice.

(Recipe: Godrej Vikhroli Cucina)


Potatoes are the most commonly consumed vegetable in India and are full of antioxidants that aid in preventing diseases. Packed with vitamins and minerals that help the body to function properly, they are a good source of fiber which keep one full for long, help to lose weight, provide energy-delivering complex carbohydrates.

The vegetable has also been linked by studies in improving blood sugar control, reducing heart disease risk and helping in higher immunity. Potatoes help regulate blood pressure as they are a great source of potassium.

Milled flaxseeds improve digestive health, lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol. They may benefit people with diabetes and also reduce the risk of cancer.

Green peas are filling and good for our digestive health, eye health and have immunity building benefits. They contain protein, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, potassium, zinc and lots of fibre and other antioxidants that strengthen our immune system, help reduce inflammation, lower the risk of chronic conditions including diabetes, heart disease and arthritis and support healthy blood sugar control.

The molasses content in jaggery makes it more nutrient since this nutritious by-product of the sugar making process is removed while making refined sugar. Jaggery is rich in vitamins and minerals, makes for a great immunity booster, builds a shield against health ailments like cough and cold and leads to improved digestive health, anemia prevention, liver detoxification and improved immune function.

Methi seeds (fenugreek) are handy is losing weight without any cons as it contains an ingredient which can help to burn belly fat and can also treat various health conditions like diabetes.

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