Restaurants today don’t want to be monotonous.
Restaurants today don’t want to be monotonous.

Creativity fuels menu overhaul

Over time, restaurant menus have evolved into an interesting blend of creativity and innovation, that aims to add more flavour to the overall dining experience of a patron
By Prerna Gauba
UPDATED ON FEB 18, 2021 11:49 AM IST

Dining out is no more limited only to the food, of late, it has become a multifaceted experience. A visual and gastronomical delight that aspires to impress as soon as you step into an eatery and feel its aroma, admire the décor or simply get bowled over by its innovative menu on the wall or table.

Yes, over time, restaurant menus have also undergone a drastic change. Restaurants today don’t want to be monotonous. They want people to start their food experience from the menu itself which is why they are toying with the designs, names and medium of the menu.

To communicate with the customer, menus need to be on point. “Our menu is fun and quirky because our theme is such. We don’t want anything to be monotonous. With innovative menus, customers take more time to read and order, to see how the dish actually turns out,” says Vikrant Batra of Cafe Delhi Heights.

Moreover, it’s not just the creativity but also the tech-innovations that are fuelling the evolution menus. A good-looking menu is important because the experience starts there. At our outlet, we give a visiting card to patrons and one can scan the code and open the menu on his/her phone. The menu starts with the chefs’ note ... The caricatures make the menu more intricate which the customer enjoy,” says restaurateur Priyank Sukhija of Plum By Bent Chair.

Menu’s themed around school texts
Menu’s themed around school texts

Menu’s themed around school texts, ’90s memories or popular landmarks are also being tried by restaurants. “Our beverage menu is something that every individual would relate to since periodic table was the first thing we learnt in high school science. We decided to replicate the same since it resonates with the theme of popular show Breaking bad,” says Harsh Gupta of Breaking Brew.

Even Batra tries to trigger memories that one might have of popular places and dishes, by naming dishes on his restaurant’s menu in the similar format. “Our ISBT Makhani Maggi is derived from the famous maggi available in ISBT, Delhi. Railway cutlet from our menu reminds us of the cutlet at railway stations packed in silver foil and so on,” he shares.

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