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Assisting your child in adapting to a new school environment: Tips and strategies for a smooth transition

May 20, 2023 01:34 PM IST

Check out some effective tips and strategies to assist your child in adapting to a new school environment and ensure a smooth and successful transition.

One of the biggest hurdles in parenting and childcare is the process of settling a child into school or transitioning them to a new school. The initial experience of starting school can be intimidating for both children and parents, and the same goes for adjusting to a different school environment. Asking a child to leave the familiarity of home and family and adapt to a new routine and unfamiliar faces is a significant challenge. However, with proper preparation and support, parents can help their children navigate this new environment and flourish in this unique setting. As a parent, it is essential to make the necessary preparations to ensure a smooth transition for your child. (Also read: Mindful parenting: 6 effective ways to teach your child to be mindful and emotionally resilient )

Asking a child to leave the familiarity of home and family and adapt to a new routine and unfamiliar faces is a significant challenge. (pixabay)
Asking a child to leave the familiarity of home and family and adapt to a new routine and unfamiliar faces is a significant challenge. (pixabay)

Tips for easing school transition anxiety in children

Dr. Anita Madan, Head Curriculum Development, EuroKids, shared with HT Lifestyle, some tips and strategies to help your child adjust to a new school and ensure a positive transition.

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1. Research and visit different schools

Researching and visiting multiple daycare centres is vital to find the right one for your child. Start by listing potential centres and gathering information about their programs, staff qualifications, and accreditation. In addition, schedule tours of the centres to see the facilities, meet the staff and observe the interactions between the children and their teachers. Take note of any red flags and ask any questions you may have. It is important to remember that the best school for your child may not be the closest or most convenient option, so be prepared to travel further if necessary.

2. Prepare your child for the transition

Parents should ensure they follow specific measures to facilitate a smooth transition of their child into a daycare centre. To get kids used to the environment and the people around them, the parents can accompany their kids for a few days until they get settled and well-adjusted to the new environment. Also, request the staff to spend some time interacting and playing with the child so that they can get comfortable around them.

3. Gradually adjust to the schedule

If the child is shifting to a school, change your child's schedule to match the school programs a few weeks before starting. This will help the child get used to the new routine and make the transition smoother. For example, if the child’s school lunch is at noon while your child is used to having it at 2 pm, try reworking their schedule.

4. Get to know the staff and other kids

Before your child starts school, take the time to meet the staff and other children who will be in the same class. During conversations with your child, mentioning the classmates’ names will make them feel more comfortable and familiar with their new environment. Also, try to engage with other parents and exchange phone numbers. Ask them for any suggestions or recommendations concerning the new school.

5. Establish a daily routine

Having a consistent daily routine is critical after switching schools. This will help your child feel more confident in their day-to-day activities. Make sure to establish a routine for drop-off and pick-up, as well as for meals and naps. Fixing habits and sticking to them will make the transition much more manageable. You could help your child with a comfort item, such as their favourite toy or a blanket, to make the transition and daily routine easier.

6. Communicate with the school

Establishing open lines of communication with the school's staff is essential for helping your child adjust to the new environment. Make sure to let the staff know about any concerns or questions you may have and ask for regular updates on your child's progress. Try to fix regular appointments with the staff to take feedback on your child's state of mind to know if they are adjusting well. At the same time, you can ask your child about their day at the new school in a non-interrogative manner.

For instance, parents can ask these questions to their kids about their day at the new school:

- What was your favourite activity today?

- Did you make any new friends today?

- What was the most exciting thing you learned today?

- What did you do during outside playtime today?

7. Be patient and understanding

Transitioning to a school can be difficult for you and your child. Be patient and understanding with your child as they adjust to their new environment. Remember that it may take some time for them to adapt well, but with your support and encouragement, they will be able to thrive in the new setting. Try gradually getting your child comfortable with the school by spending a couple of hours on the first day and 3- 4 hours on the second day, slowly familiarising the child with the atmosphere. You could also visit the child a few times, especially if you’re still feeding the child.

"In summary, to help your kids adjust to a school, it is vital to involve them as much as possible. Take them to the centre before their first day and let them explore the space and meet the staff. Communicate with the staff regularly to stay informed about your child's progress and any concerns they may have. Provide a comfort item, such as a special blanket or a toy, to help ease the transition. Above all, be patient and understanding with your child as they adapt to their new surroundings. With time and support, they will soon be comfortable and happy in their new school," concludes Anita.

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