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Emerging trends in Indian tourism: The rise of domestic travel and weekend getaways

Jul 26, 2023 10:00 AM IST

From culinary tourism to domestic travel, let's explore the transformative emerging trends that are redefining the essence of Indian tourism.

India's tourism sector has seen an exciting transformation in recent years, revealing a colourful tapestry of unique experiences and possibilities for tourists. India has always been a nation of remarkable diversity and cultural richness, nestled between the beautiful Himalayas in the north and the gorgeous beaches of the south. Beyond the typical tourist destinations, the subcontinent is currently experiencing a rush of new trends that are changing how we travel to and experience this fascinating nation. The industry is being further driven to new heights by cutting-edge technology, ecological practices, and the resurrection of lost heritage.

India's tourism sector has seen significant transformation, with domestic travel and weekend vacations gaining appeal.(Unsplash)
India's tourism sector has seen significant transformation, with domestic travel and weekend vacations gaining appeal.(Unsplash)

"In recent years, India's tourism sector has seen significant transformation, with domestic travel and weekend vacations gaining appeal. Previously, abroad destinations were typically at the top of the list for Indian tourists looking for new experiences. The dynamics, however, have evolved, and domestic travel has taken the front stage. Domestic tourism and weekend getaways have grown dramatically in India, with 300 million people predicted to take domestic trips in 2023 and 100 million enjoying weekend getaways. A number of variables, such as increasing disposable income, more affordable air travel and other kinds of transportation, more knowledge of India's many tourism opportunities, and expanding social media and online travel booking platform use are all contributing to this trend," says Nirav Akshay Oza, CEO, of Efcee Hotels – A Leela Worldwide Venture. (Also read: Nature's masterpiece: Exploring India's highest waterfalls that leave you awestruck )

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He added, "Domestic travel and weekend vacations are on the upswing, which bodes well for the Indian tourist industry. It is boosting economic activity and employment creation in the tourist industry, while also giving Indians greater possibilities to experience their own country. Indians are discovering their own country's plethora of experiences, from gorgeous hill stations to pristine beaches, historical sites to wildlife reserves. Domestic travel is appealing to many people due to its ease, shorter distances, and lower travel expenses. Popular weekend vacation locations include nearby towns and cities as well as well-liked tourist sites that may be reached in one or two days."

Emerging Trends in Indian Tourism

Nirav further shared with HT Lifestyle the emerging trends in Indian tourism, focusing on the growing preference for domestic travel and the popularity of weekend getaways.

1. Escaping the daily grind

With tight work schedules and demanding lives, Indians are increasingly looking for fast and revitalising vacations from city life. Weekend trips have grown in popularity among city residents eager to rest and refresh. Because of its proximity to major cities, individuals and families may arrange short getaways with minimum disturbance to their routines. As individuals seek comfort and indulgence during their weekend getaways, the demand for luxury hotels and resorts near metropolitan centres has increased.

2. Rise of boutique hotels and homestays

Along with the increase in domestic tourism, the popularity of boutique hotels and homestays has increased significantly. These one-of-a-kind accommodations provide unique experiences and the chance to immerse oneself in the local culture. Travellers today want more than simply nice accommodations; they want a genuine and fulfilling experience. Boutique hotels adapt to these changing demands with their finely designed interiors, attention to detail, and personalised services. Similarly, homestays allow visitors to interact with local populations, sample traditional cuisine, and learn about area culture.

3. Culinary tourism

A burgeoning trend in Indian tourism is the rise of culinary tourism, where travellers embark on gastronomic adventures to explore the diverse flavours and regional cuisines of the country. Food enthusiasts are keen to savour authentic local dishes, street food delicacies, and traditional culinary techniques. From the rich Mughlai flavours of Lucknow to the aromatic spices of South India, culinary tourism offers a sensory journey that intertwines history, culture, and palate-pleasing experiences. Luxury hotels and resorts are embracing this trend by curating culinary experiences, organizing food festivals, and promoting farm-to-table dining concepts.

4. Digital transformation and travel technology

The digital revolution has had a tremendous influence on the travel sector worldwide, including in India. Travel technology platforms, smartphone applications, and online booking systems have streamlined the planning and booking procedures, allowing travellers to research and choose their favourite locations with more ease. Furthermore, with people sharing their experiences and recommendations, social media has played an important part in motivating and influencing travel decisions. Luxury hotels are adjusting to this digital reality by offering unified web experiences, personalised marketing initiatives, and responsive customer care.

"Domestic travel and weekend trips in India are on the rise, reflecting a rising desire among Indians to explore their own country and find moments of leisure in the middle of their hectic life. Because of this shift in travel preferences, possibilities for luxury hotels and resorts, boutique lodgings, and eco-friendly places have arisen. Catering to the shifting wants and expectations of travellers will be critical for businesses to flourish as the tourism sector evolves. With its various landscapes, rich cultural legacy, and warm hospitality, India is poised to become a popular domestic and international tourism destination in the coming years," concludes Nirav Akshay Oza.

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