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Beat the heat: 7 DIY natural ways to summer-proof your house

With summers, come the high electricity bills, thanks to increased use of air conditioners. What if you knew of ways to keep your house cool, naturally? These natural methods not only help bring down the temperature, but are also eco-friendly. Time for a makeover!

more lifestyle Updated: Jun 25, 2016 12:00 IST
Etti Bali
Etti Bali
Hindustan Times
Give your house a summer makeover with some easy, DIY tricks.
Give your house a summer makeover with some easy, DIY tricks.(Getty Images)

This summer, take nature’s route with these tips to keep your house cool. Though technology has helped us in leaps and bounds to keep the indoor temperatures pleasant, these natural techniques help solve a dual purpose.

By following these, you not only lower the temperature of your abode, but you also promote an environment-friendly cause. So go on and get creative!

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Grow vines and shrubs

Creeper vines are not only good for providing shade and breeze, they also grow quickly. A wild dash of pink and white bougainvillea, delicate tufts of the Rangoon creeper or a cascading column of the curtain creeper, there is just so much to choose from!

Limewash the terrace

Fancy giving a Greek façade to your house? Paint the roof and exteriors of your house with limewash! This kind of paint is different from regular whitewash as the paint mix contains slaked lime, which gives your walls a rustic, rock-like coating.

Limewash gives your house a rustic, rock like finish. (Getty Images)

Indoor plants

Potted plants are a great way to jazz up any corner of your house. They are a sight for sore eyes and are great air purifiers. Some of the best plants to grow indoors are grape ivy, lavender and aloe vera.

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Terrace garden

Growing a terrace garden requires time and patience, but once it is in place, the hot summer months become bearable. The mud used in pots helps absorb heat and keeps the house cool. One of the best parts about a terrace garden is the sheer variety of plants and vegetables you can grow.

Throw in some plants and patio furniture on the terrace to get your very own private hideout. (Getty Images)

Straw and bamboo mats

Strategically placed straw mats on the terrace help in absorbing heat. Straw is a natural insulator and by layering your terrace with straw mats helps keep the house cool. A note to remember here is to keep the mats wet by sprinkling water at regular intervals. You can also put up bamboo blinds on windows and between corridors to keep off dust, heat and bugs.

Bamboo curtains not only look classy, but also help keep the heat at bay. (Getty Images)

Mud Plaster and Terracotta Tiles on walls

If you really want to go all the way, then plastering your house with mud is a fool-proof way of lowering the temperatures inside. You can either take professional help or involve your kids and spouse to turn it into a fun summer activity. Terracotta tiles have long been used in the construction of houses as they help in naturally bringing down the temperature.

Plastering the walls with mud has long been practiced in India as it helps bring down the temperature inside. (Getty Images)

Window planters

Another great way of adding a dash of green to your house is by installing window planters. They help by absorbing the heat from the winds and all you get is a pleasant breeze. You can also plant herbs like tulsi, haldi, lemongrass and curry leaves to make yourself a nice herb garden.

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