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Want to be a PUBG pro? Here are tips and tricks that every noob should follow

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Jun 09, 2020 08:37 AM IST

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG is ‘the’ thing in the mobile gaming world right now. And, if you’re looking to win big, here are some tricks that will help you.

Mobile gaming has been big for a few years now, and every now and then we get a game that totally takes the masses over. We’ve had gems like Pokemon Go, Mini Millitia, Flappy Bird and Clash of Clans, but none have captured the mobile gaming community like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or as we popularly know it PUBG. Gamers spend countless hours on the online multiplayer battle royale game, and some even are unfortunate enough to get addicted to the game. But, when it comes to getting the ‘Chicken Dinner’ — the ultimate victory in the game — things can get a little tricky (since not everyone starts as a game veteran). But, fret not, we have got your back. After hours of trials, we have come up with a list of tricks that will guarantee that you win big and can soon call yourself a PUBG pro (if a thing like exists).

A poster of the game.(PUBG)
A poster of the game.(PUBG)

A screengrab of the online multiplayer battle royale game, PUBG.
A screengrab of the online multiplayer battle royale game, PUBG.


Settings are everything:

You cannot just jump into this game and expect big wins if you haven’t dabbled with the settings a bit. You can optimise the graphics for a lag-free experience, turn on Aim Assist so point and shoot becomes easier, and choose to use the gyroscope too. Furthermore, the option to choose between a third person mode and first person mode also makes the experience more user friendly. One can also adjust the size and position of the controls which goes along way in keeping your gaming experience smooth. An additional tip, keep your peek and fire setting on (you’ll need it!)

Train and Train again

Before you jump straight onto the multiplayer map (pun intended), polish your skills on the training map that the games offer. Here you can test various weapons, learn to drive a variety of vehicles and even experiment with a few techniques that help you get closer to scoring big.

Strategise from the start:

When fighting for the top spot in a battle royale that heavily depends on survival, a good strategy is the most important thing. And, the strategy needs to begin even before you actually parachute ypur way down to the map. Do a little research on the areas on the map that offer the most loot and also know the zones that are high risk. That way you’d be one step ahead from the very start.

Use Headphones

It’s great to just open the game and start playing as is, but using headphones is a neat little trick that helps a lot. PUBG uses directional audio like many other games, and using headphones really helps you to identify the sounds of footsteps, gunfire and more.

Be a team player

Going solo feels like the heroic thing to do, and you always hope to rack up more kills that way. But, it isn’t the most recommended way of going about the game. Learn to stick with your team as it guarantees that you will last longer. Communicate with your team and help them if they are injured, and most players would reciprocate. Turning on your voice chat also helps guide other team players, but make sure you mute the annoying ones as they can prove to be your greatest distraction.

Heal as you go

Unlike most games, PUBG does not have an auto heal feature, after all it is a survival game. Use a combination of painkillers, energy drinks, bandages, health packs and medkits to keep yourself going. It is easy to ignore looting these, but if you want to last till the end, everything counts. Painkillers and energy drinks are also good for the times when you are stuck out of the play zone, so use them wisely.

Guns Blazing vs Stealth

Many players would debate as to which method works better in this game as user experiences and skills vary. But, the most recommended method is actually a balanced one. Stealth comes in handy when trying to take out enemies without being spotted or killed, and guns blazing is a great way of clearing out smaller areas teeming with enemies. Learn to use your map as advantage too, as foliage, buildings, and vehicles really make for good cover. Moving while you are crouched also helps sneak up on unsuspecting enemies as your footsteps won’t be heard. You can also modify your approach according to the guns and attachments that you find in the game — it is easier to be stealthy with a sniper or a suppressed rifle than it is with a machine gun or a heavy assault rifle.

Engage only when you’re sure

It is easy to get tempted to fire right away when you spot an enemy, but if you’re trying to avoid giving away your location, make sure you take a kill shot. If incase you cannot, learn to wait it out and maybe ask one of your team players for some cover fire. Sometimes not firing is way better than firing.

Grenades are a great distraction

Grenades aren’t just an effective way of killing your enemies, they also are great for creating distractions. When you’re unsure of your enemy’s position, throw a grenade far away and let your enemy be guided by the mark it creates on the map. Players will often confuse the mark for an enemy and try to strike, but you’d always be waiting for them instead.

Be Vehicle Wise

Vehicles are noisy and can always be spotted easily, but then they also move fast and are great help when it comes to escaping a situation or running towards a drop. Keep a vehicle around as you explore an area on foot, and when needed, use your vehicle to avoid the chance of being killed. A bonus is that you can run over other players and score kills while you drive. We’d suggest you avoid bikes though, as you are more vulnerable to injuries and death while riding them.


When playing such a high stakes game, it is easy to slip into addiction. We already have examples of players being addicted to the game and ending up in rehab, but that can be avoided easily. “Addictions like these mostly develop in people who are in a vacuum, and do not indulge in social interactions. The best way to avoid getting addicted is to make constructive use of your time and to build real relationships. However, if one is addicted already, it is best to seek help. AIIMS already has a de-adiction centre for such things, but again, developing real relationships will negate any addiction,” says Anil Sethi, a psychologist. Amit Chandok, another psychologist suggests that one should limit screen time and engage oneself in other activities. “One shouldn’t game for extended hours and should instead build on a hobby or do something constructive. Boredom often results in random gaming sessions, so engaging oneself would help relieve a person of boredom. Take time off your screen to interact with the people around you and only indulge in gaming as a recreational activity. Know that the score and achievements in a game aren’t bigger than your life,” says Chandok.

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