Packed with clichés and with very little by way of plot, Premonition shall certainly continue Sandra Bullock's bad patch at the box office, says Vinayak Chakravorty.

movie reviews Updated: Jun 28, 2007 15:09 IST

Cast: Sandra Bullock, Julian McMahon, Nia Long
Direction: Mennan Yapo
Rating: * * & 1/2

A film called Premonition has to be about a person who ‘sees’ things. Going by the broader cliché, that person has to be a woman. And going by box-office demands, that woman is Sandra Bullock.

Okay, things have changed a lot since Faye Dunaway had premonitions in Eyes Of Laura Mars (1978). So, director Mennan Yapo packs some rehashed punches as Bullock does her running around in the fog, chasing a mystery that threatens her personal life. Bullock is Linda, housewife who wakes up to the fact that her husband is dead. The very next morning, however, she finds him alive. And before she can go The Sixth Sense way and say, “I see dead husband”, he is ‘dead’ again. Memento meets Shyamalan as the routine goes on, till Linda realises she is having premonitions and must save hubby somehow.

Bullock’s bad patch at the box-office will continue with this one — I somehow have that premonition. And I also have the premonition that not many will give a damn anyway.

First Published: Jun 23, 2007 16:16 IST