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Malavika’s Mumbaistan: Attend Shaadi, Click Photos

mumbai Updated: Dec 07, 2018 10:48 IST
Malavika Sangghvi
Malavika Sangghvi
Hindustan Times
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas at their wedding reception. (HT Photo)

“Shaadi to theek hi thi. Par khaney mey namak kam thi. And Mr Modi meant, it had to be water till wine do us apart.” With these cryptic words, leading Delhi-based art photographer, Rohit Chawla, summed up the Priyanka-Nick reception at the Taj Palace on Tuesday night which appears to have divided the Capital’s chattering classes into two distinct groups — those who would not be caught dead anywhere near the extravaganza and had made their disdain public (‘who are these people??!’) and those who hankered for an invite and had thought nothing of waiting in queue for an interminably long period, to get the evening’s bounty: a photo with the couple du jour, to prove to their grandkids that they’d been present when history had been made. So blatant had been this hankering for a photo with the wedded couple, according to those who’d been present, that for once, even the neighbouring banquet hall, featuring an ample feast, normally overrun with guests piling their plates high with butter chicken and paneer pasanda is said to have worn a forlorn look, as people concentrated on satiating their hunger for photos instead. As for the PM, of course, his photo with Nickyanka was the one that had made headlines in all the papers the next day. “I only went because Modi told me in jest: “Do come and take a decent pic. I am tired of the election circus.” And, as expected, in the ensuing pictures he’d shot, the PM, one of the most media-savvy heads of state, was the only one looking directly into Chawla’s camera lens in every click! Incidentally, the snob factor in the Nickyanka reception was not imagined. One windblown IIC intellectual, who could not resist showing up on the occasion but who realised it would not cut ice with his more snooty peers to appear star-struck, had posted his selfie the next day on social media, with a suitably nonchalant rider: “At a reception yesterday.”

The Good Doctor Doctor

Dr Firuza Parikh ( HT Photo )

The internationally renowned Dr Firuza Parikh, director of the FertilTree Jaslok International Fertility Centre and visiting professor at UCLA, has added another feather to her cap, when she received her PhD in Genetics over the weekend. The brilliant and impassioned scientist, responsible for the birth of nearly 11,000 ART (assisted reproductive technology) babies, had somehow found the time in her busy schedule to work on her research and study for her exam, even as she put in her usual 7-day week at the hospital. But, given her modesty and work-man-like approach, no one would have known of her latest achievement of becoming a double doctor, had it not been for doting husband-neuro-psychiatrist Dr Rajesh Parikh’s child-like enthusiasm. Without telling his wife, the tech-challenged proud husband had created a WhatsApp group informing a hundred or so of the couple’s closest friends of the good news. “I had no idea why so many people were calling up to congratulate me!” said Parikh, when she reached home that day, after putting in a full day’s work.
Of course, in his tech-naiveté, Parikh (who barely knows how to use a mobile phone) had thought he was sending out individual messages to each friend, informing them of the news, not realising that he’d created an exuberant group that could not stop chattering in excitement, egged on by each other. Within an hour, almost everybody, including individuals like Nita and Mukesh Ambani, Aamir Khan, Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Raju Hirani, Dr Swati Piramal, The Bilakhia family, Dr Jamuna Pai and a host of other high-powered individuals were sending exuberant messages of congratulations. Finally, when he realised what he’d done and on his wife’s insistence, Rajesh deleted the group, swearing off technology for a while. “People were calling me from New York and Paris, and the phones would not stop pinging across time zones,” said the new, blushing Doctor Doctor Parikh, blithely!

“There was a time when couples got married if their horoscopes matched. Things have changed a lot since then. Today, it looks like they get married if their designers match.”
-One office-goer to another, while alighting their home bound train at Churchgate, yesterday.

Will the Real Abhishek Bachchan Please Stand Up

Abhishek Bachchan ( HT Photo )

Those who know Abhishek Bachchan will vouch for the fact that the actor has a great sense of humour and that Bachchan Junior doesn’t seem to take himself too seriously or have any qualms about making self-deprecating jokes. Perhaps, this is why, many on social media have been fooled by a parody account impersonating him, which has been running for a couple of years. The account has become so popular that it has amassed over two hundred thousand followers already. In fact, last year, when the account had tweeted, “I’m glad I have never worked in a movie based on a stolen plot. It’s a different thing that my movies don’t have any plot in the first place,” the likes of journalist Shobhaa De amongst others, had thought it to be another instance of Bachchan’s humour, and De had even applauded it by posting, “AB Junior displays the sort of self-deprecating humour that only truly, confident, emotionally secure people possess. Well done!” before realising that is was a parody. This week, once again, the account was back in form, when it posted, “Many are asking why didn’t Ash and I have so many receptions and pics etc. during our wedding. I told them this happens only when both the people getting married are celebrities,” and once again, the tweet went viral with many red-faced twitter users, who’d retweeted it, only later discovering that it was from a parody account. What’s best is that we are informed, Bachchan is aware of the account and is said to enjoy its funnies too.

First Published: Dec 06, 2018 01:02 IST