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Malavika’s Mumbaistan: Design Divas And BFFs?

Hindustan Times | ByMalavika Sangghvi
Mar 28, 2019 08:10 AM IST

At one time, they were both star wives, design divas, yummy mummies and each other’s besties. That was around 2011, when, as members of Bollywood’s charmed circle, which had included the likes of Malaika and Arbaaz Khan, Bhavana and Chunky Pandey and Arjun Rampal and Mehr Jesia, both Gauri Khan and Susanne Khan had merged their penchant for design and aesthetics to establish The Charcoal Project in Andheri (West). Billed as the first ‘celebrity interior design store’ in the country, it had attracted much interest and media coverage, but life appeared to take them in different directions shortly after. Sussanne’s marriage with Hrithik Roshan began unravelling and simultaneously, the charmed circle appeared to disintegrate, and the two parted ways. By 2014, Gauri had launched her eponymous design studio, a concept store said to span over 8,700 square feet at Juhu Tara Road, and went on to establish herself as a highly sort after designer, collaborating with names like Roberto Cavalli and Ralph Lauren. Meanwhile, Sussanne, newly single and thus navigating unchartered territories, consolidated the CP, undertaking numerous high-profile assignments on her own and walking off with awards in her field of practice. Of course, given how incestuous both Bollywood and the design worlds are, they are sure to have run into each other. The peak at the top of India’s celebrity pyramid, after all, is a tiny one. Besides, how far is Juhu Tara from Andheri (West)? Undoubtedly, being well-bred girls, they must have greeted each other with the same elan and warmth as the old days. Meanwhile, the media had eluded all kinds of reasons for their parting and spun it into a million different scenarios. Which is why, this Tuesday, when Gauri Khan, Bollywood’s reigning star wife, and interior decorator, commended her friend and fellow designer Sussanne’s taste and professional skills with a few cryptic words on social media, along with a picture of the two of them with their arms laced around each other in the company of Gauri’s friend Kajal Anand, much was read into it. “What a stunning home,” she said, tagging Sussanne with a suitable love emoji. All’s well then?

Gauri Khan (right) and Sussanne Khan.
Gauri Khan (right) and Sussanne Khan.

The Global Enigma

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Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka Chopra

Early on, when Priyanka Chopra had just begun dating American singer-actor Nick Jonas and most people were aghast that a top Indian actress would not only set her sights on Hollywood and bid goodbye to Bollywood; but in addition hook up with an American singer younger than herself, there were many who insisted that there was a method in her madness. “For whatever reason, she’s looking for a crossover career, one that takes her out of Bollywood and puts her in the world’s spotlight along with today’s pop stars of the digital age like Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian and Dwayne Johnson,” they argued. “From now on, whatever she does in her personal or professional life will fulfil that agenda.” In retrospect, they are correct. Not a day passes without some evidence of Chopra’s enterprise in achieving her goals, be it on film, music videos, TV soaps, or social media. When she’s not plugging her own career from these platforms, she’s plugging that of her husband or their life as a glam couple (jet set holidays, quotidian pleasures or red carpet appearances). Recently, as if these multiple activities weren’t enough, she announced an all new digital initiative, which has her interacting with peers, role models and friends, asking them the one thing that made them what they are today, so that she can be inspired to explore further avenues and scale new heights. Indeed the lady wasn’t kidding when she responded to a question, when asked what she wanted out of life a year ago. “Global Domination,” is what she’d said.

What They Say:
“He knows me and my wife very well and could have picked up the phone and called me.”
- Telecom engineer, inventor, entrepreneur and policymaker, Sam Pitroda, about his remarks on the Balakot strikes, and the PM’s response

What They Mean:
“I guess he assumed the telephony systems that I’d introduced at C-DOT, during my tenure, were out of order.”

Breaking News: India has just brought down what is being described as a live, small frame, fast-circulating, highly-searched satellite, known to have a 13,500 crore tailspin and high capabilities for stratospherically developed missile attacks on systems that straddle the globe. In a rare televised announcement yesterday, Indian authorities declared that they had employed hitherto unused and unseen capabilities to stop the offending object in its tracks and bring it down. “Some time ago, our men brought down a live object, tracked to be approximately 7,544 km kilometres away in a high-end atmosphere,” said a spokesperson for the operation, in a televised address. “The weapon we used is specially designed to destroy rogue satellites by capturing them on film, while they loiter around or circumnavigate highly dense and famous spaces in a curious circular motion, covered in the hide of rare birds or animals, and usually with facial hair to prevent their recognition by the human eye,” said one of the interceptors, on condition of anonymity, adding, “With this move, India has registered its name in the list of supreme bank fraud catchers and we can safely say that Nirav Modi’s flight path has been successfully blocked.”

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