Professors decoded

Like most things in life, teachers too come in various prototypes. Read on to spot the one on your campus.

mumbai Updated: Aug 20, 2012 15:50 IST
Amrutha Penumudi
Amrutha Penumudi
Hindustan Times

If students lend a distinct character to their campus, professors are not far behind. Just think about the ones that taught/teach you at your college and see which category they fit in best:

The Hitler
In their class, you can’t talk, you can’t move and don’t you dare to smile. Irrational anger define their personalities and they lash out with unnecessary punishment at the drop of a hat. You wish you could bunk this one class, but then again, you dare not do that either.

The agony aunt
Failing at relationships or stressing because of exams? Have no fear, agony aunt is here. But don’t be shocked if they are men too. They love knowing what’s going on in your life and help you out when they can. But the best part is that they love talking, so the next time you are not in mood for integration formulas, you might want to shed a tear or two and talk about your latest heartbreak.

The buddy
It would be safe to call them pseudo-friend professors. They talk like they want to help you, but they most definitely will ditch you in the end. The ‘buddy’ loves to be pally with students, just because it makes him/her feel young. Perhaps they are reliving their own college life through yours. Guess, it’s always a wise idea to stay in their good books.

The looker
We have all had the one professor whose classes we never missed - not because we were suddenly cared for our marks, but because he had a heart-melting smile. The looker knows his/her strengths but the little crush will never earn you any brownie points. So quit smiling and open those books already.

The smart one
This person is the true genius, the one whose lectures you like attending because of their sheer brilliance. “These are the kind of professors who change your life, and help you mould yourself into the person you want to be.” Says Aneesha Bisht, a TYBMM student at St. Xavier’s. “Inquisitiveness, amongst many other things, is something that defines a student’s life; and its great when you find a mentor who can answer all your questions”, she adds.

First Published: Aug 20, 2012 14:03 IST