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Why is the Sena insecure?

Why are the Shiv Sena and the University of Mumbai so insecure? If a few sentences are not written in their favour, will the party lose its credibility?

mumbai Updated: Oct 17, 2010 00:49 IST
Hindustan Times

Why are the Shiv Sena and the University of Mumbai so insecure? If a few sentences are not written in their favour, will the party lose its credibility? Aren’t they strong enough to face criticism? Why should the university bow so easily to an illegitimate demand without even discussing with the subject with experts? The committee that recommended the Booker-nominated book must not have found anything objectionable in it. What example is the vice-chancellor setting before young students? How will they respect their teacher who crumbles so quickly under pressure?

Sumita Ghosh

This is a parody of governance When faced with protests from right wing political parties and communal organisations, the government and other bodies behave like spineless wonders. If the government is powerless in ensuring people’s democratic rights their and freedom of expression, it should abdicate its responsibilities to these same fundamentalists and self-styled moral policemen.

Kannur Rajan

Even books on Gandhi criticise him

This is a disgrace for such a prestigious university. Instead of blaming the vice-chancellor, we should devise a system to prevent such situations in the future. It should be a must to take the opinions of students before a decision is taken to drop a subject from the syllabus. The faculty members should ask for a written explanation from the vice-chancellor on his action and seek his resignation. Even books on Mahatma Gandhi have adverse remarks about him, but they are in circulation. The readers have a right to know both viewpoints. If Shiv Sena has a problem, it should go online and vent its views instead of using violence.

Deendayal Lulla

The Senas should find a worthy cause This week’s topic makes me think that every time Shiv Sena protests against some thing, it will make no difference to the country’s progress. From protesting against Bollywood films, to Bigg Boss and now Rohinton Mistry’s ‘Such a Long Journey’. Where’s India’s freedom of speech? The Thackerays are just taking the country backwards. They don’t care about terror attacks or farmer suicides, but are always protesting against stupid issues. And Thackeray Jr is not doing anything good for his family name. Why can’t he do something good for the people and then enter politics? Rioting is such a shameful act.

Pretty Kt Mirchandani

Let’s look on the bright side The prompt manner in which the vice-chancellor of Mumbai University removed the novel from the syllabus has invited a lot of criticism. But there is a positive aspect to this. Now we have, as the head of the premier university, one who can act faster than he can think. Also, third Thackeray scion has been anointed as a forceful and feared youth leader without the test of the rough and tumble of a street scrap. Finally, Rohinton Mistry will laugh his way to the bank as Such a Long Journey will surely become a bestseller.

Anil P. Bagarka

VC has succumbed to petty politics

It is but natural that given the politics and the controversy surrounding his appointment, Rajan Welukar is trying to secure his future by falling in line with the politicians but, in the bargain, has set a wrong precedent. What was the hurry in taking a decision to remove Rohinton Mistry’s book from the curriculum by revoking emergency provisions and that too without holding discussions with any of his colleagues. This only reaffirms that he has succumbed to politics.

Sudhakar G Shenoy

A deplorable act

The university banning the book was deplorable. Do students go to college for an education or to play politics? It is an irony that St Xavier’s College principal Frazer Mascarenhas is taking on his student Thackeray Jr as the chief of Yuva Sena.

Deepak Chikramane

No book should be dropped like this

The manner in which the vice-chancellor decided to remove Rohinton Mistry’s book from the curriculum is appalling. Giving in to the arm-twisting tactics of the Shiv Sena is not how a vice-chancellor behaves. It is not a good idea to drop this or any book from the syllabus only because it’s objectionable to certain individuals or outfits. And it is to be noted that the Sena chose to voice their dissent now rather than in 2007 when the book was included in the syllabus. Is it a coincidence that they are looking for an issue just before the Dusserah rally and the widely awaited launch of Aditya Thackeray?

Pooja Oak

reader of the week

Dear Aditya...

In the evaluation of schools done by HT, Bombay Scottish (Mahim) was at No 2. That is where you studied. The institution was evaluated on parameters such as attitude towards learning and educational philosophy. The institution does not teach abuse of power. We are well aware that you are about to launch your political career at the Shiv Sena’s Dussehra rally on Sunday. We hear that you will be head of the Yuva Sena, a youth organisation. It helps to stay in the news, does it not? So what if it is means violating constitutional rights? The less said about the wise man at the university who caved into your demand the better. It’s due to weak spineless people at the top that such things happen.

Mini Mathew

First Published: Oct 17, 2010 00:47 IST