Sachin Sanghvi, has released his first ever independent single, Rangreza.
Sachin Sanghvi, has released his first ever independent single, Rangreza.

Sachin Sanghvi: I think e concerts will become a thing and it will get even bigger

Sachin Sanghvi, one half of the popular duo Sachin-Jigar, talks about how the lockdown period finally gave him the chance to release his independent music, as he got a break from working 20 hours everyday trying to deliver to Bollywood
Hindustan Times | By Samarth Goyal, New Delhi
UPDATED ON MAY 30, 2020 05:33 PM IST

While the ongoing lockdown due to Covid 19 crisis has put a hold on live concerts and film music, it helped Sachin Sanghvi, one half of the popular music composing duo Sachin-Jigar, enter the space of non-film music, which up until the lockdown, always felt like a distant dream for the music composer.

“ Up until now, all of our time was spent in making music for Bollywood. Yes, we always wanted to do release our independent music, but we just never really got time for that. We have been working 20 hours every day trying to cater to the demands put forth by the film industry, and obviously we loved doing that job. But we never got the time to explore the independent space,” he says.

“ So now, although people knew the importance of independent music long time back, its only now, people are realising the importance of independent music. Not just listeners, but even artists themselves are realising their importance, and that correction about every artist getting self confident and putting efforts to gather their own audience has taken place. Audiences have learnt to follow artists like listening to playlists such as ‘ Best of Arijit Singh’ and it will be better facilitated now,” he adds .

The composer jokes about music industry is becoming “atma nirbhar” after this lockdown. “The self worth existed before as well, but just the prominence of it and the fact that more musicians now realise that existed before they are on their own and they can survive on their own.,” he says. Sachin himself, recently released his first ever independent single. A sufi song, titled Rangreza, was only possible because of the lockdown.


“I have always been super influenced by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan saab and Wadali brothers and the kind of sufi music they did. I always wanted to do something in that space, but never thought I would able to do something in that space. But we never got the time for it. But with this lockdown, I had time on my hands, so I consulted a few friends who I consider more enlightened than me, and with the help of my family members, who helped me shoot the video. Overall I am really happy with the way it shaped up, and it was only possible because we had time on our hands,” he says.

Finally, contrary to the popular belief Sachin insists that the music industry has not been hit as badly as some other industries have been. While he agrees that majority of revenue has dried up because of no live gigs, he feels that the industry will adapt to the changes and will turn up triumphant after the crisis ends.

“I don’t think its that big an impact and I feel we are far too below in the priority list. But things change and the industry will adapt. Mannerisms in terms of consumption will change. I think e concerts will become a thing and it will get even bigger. So its only going to change and get better from here,” he signs off.

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