Bihar : Veggie, milk supplies hit as Vaishali areas inundated
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Bihar : Veggie, milk supplies hit as Vaishali areas inundated

Vaishali is faced with a whole new set of problems due to flooding in rural areas, thanks to the late monsoon.

patna Updated: Sep 06, 2013 14:36 IST
Rajesh Kumar Thakur
Rajesh Kumar Thakur
Hindustan Times

Vaishali is faced with a whole new set of problems due to flooding in rural areas, thanks to the late monsoon.

From potable water crisis to dealing with reptiles and pests,they deal with it all.

A major crisis has enveloped the diaras, especially two dozen villages of Raghopur,which has been completely cut

There is an estimated two lakh population in the interiors of the district, who have been marooned for over a fortnight

The sheets of rain water has gobbled up roads, making communication difficult even as it has devastated vast acreage
of vegetables, bananas and land used for fodder.

With large areas cut off, the lifeline for supply of over 1 lakh litres of milk and an estimated 250 tonnes of fruits and vegetables
daily to Patna, Kolkata and Jamshedpur, has been snapped.

“There is water and more water all around. But we do not have a drop to drink”, said Manohar Sharma, 36.

He said water sources such as handpumps, wells etc are all under water and people now strain water with the means of
thin cloth to consume.

If that is one problem, people in rural dwellings are finding snakes by the hundreds on roof tops, especially under the tiles, even as they are troubled
by mice, who have left their burrows and descended on homes.

“Frogs are another problem. They are everywhere”,said Ragunandan

Yadav in Raghopur, which can only be reached by boats.

Semi-nude children accost strangers everywhere in the diaras, pleading for food and biscuits, as food stocks run short.

Sattu or mashed gram is the mainstay.

However, people fear gastrointestinal diseases,which can spread anytime now due to consumption of polluted water all around, especially when the flood waters recede.

People claimed, that the diara residents have lost hundreds of cattle heads, though there is no official confirmation for lack of registration of loss
with thanas.

However,Ravindra Rai, 55, said he had lost five cattle heads in the flood waters.

Dairying the main vocation in these parts have been hard hit as fodder is unavailable and milk, if it is to be had, is all consumed.

The regular supply line to Patna and dairy has been snapped, so the families have been financially hit as well.

“This is the first time that we have experienced such a flooding. Milk and water, which was available in abundance have become the rarest commodities now,” added Rai,pointing to miles of water all around.

Villagers say, about 1000 kg of Khoya and Chhennaboth made of condensed milk and sent to Tata and Kolkata besides Patna has been a major casualty.

Said Banarsi Rai, 39: “Four railway containers each of milk was sent to Kolkata and Tata daily from Banka Ghat. For the last one month, this supply has been stopped since it is not easy to reach supplies, even as the supply itself has dwindled.”.

He said, many persons who transferred their cattle to the Patna side find it difficult to find fodder for cattle or even land, where they can keep them”. added many

officials deputed at relief camp in Patna side.

Demanded Devendra Rai: “The people need drinking water supplies urgently, for potable water is not available. They need food stocks too,for many are not willing to leave homesteads for fear of thieves”.

Vaishali district magistrate,Vaishali Jitendra Srivastava said over 200 boats were pressed into ferryservices in Raghopur’s areas and relief was being provided.

First Published: Sep 06, 2013 14:31 IST