Would you forgive a cheating partner? Survey finds that most would

Updated on Jul 18, 2020 11:53 AM IST

An increasing amount of people are opening themselves up to new things as societal norms from the past are being challenged and changed. To a great extent, people are even accepting of adultery from their partners.

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Representational Image(Wikipedia)
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Remember the good old days when concepts like one woman man, and one man woman not only existed but were actually sought after? People craved true love, a life partner, just that one person to spend their life, have adventures and grown old with. Cut to 2020, and the world has not only gone upside down, but all the concepts of love and loyalty that we held sacred and dear also seem to have disappeared. Now, you’re a player, the more matches on your dating apps the ‘cooler’ you are. In this world of technological development, the availability of ‘love’ is just a click, a swipe of a fingertip away, it has become a bit too drawn out, and now, everyone just wants to be wanted. People are afraid to not have options, they don’t want to have settled, they want to make sure they got what they deserve or better.

Insecurities and the desire to have the best have people wandering about, looking for better prospects. Gone are the times when people chose to remain faithful to a single person. Where once fidelity and loyalty was the bedrock of any substantial relationship, dynamics and relations have evolved to a point where concepts like ‘open relationships’, ‘polyamory’ and ‘thruple’ (a couple of three people, go figure) are very common. Ideas like polyamory, which is the practice of being intimately involved with more than one person at a time, are gaining popularity, we can see people breaking away from the societal norm in order to create a new age of relationship dynamics.

A survey done by a dating app (Gleeden), with a 1000 people has concluded that 36.9% of people are willing to forgive their partners for infidelity without any absolutions and are even open to them having more than one relationship. Whereas only about 23% of people think of adultery as a complete deal breaker. 40.1% of people claim that their forgiveness depends on the reason for infidelity. The app also found that people, mostly outgoing and extroverted, are moving to dating apps to get rid of the monotony and boredom during the coronavirus mandated lockdown.

Recent studies also show that people who indulge in extra marital affairs do it as a result of dissatisfaction in their relationships and because they are in need of companionship rather than people having casual flings just for the sake of it. Love, like most things does not exist in the binary and close to 48.1% of people have reported that they have been in love with two or more people at the same time. The app survey states that about 46% of Indians have had relations that are outside of their marriage or partnership.

With time, relationship dynamics have changed and so have people’s expectations from each other. As more and more people seek to experiment with their relationships and sexuality, it hardly comes as a surprise to anyone that apps like Gleeden have gained a lot of popularity. The dating app is built with a very specific target audience in mind – women who are looking for a little fun outside of their own relationships. This French dating app was launched in 2009 and more than 65% of its user base reside in the European Union. People of any gender, sexual orientation or relationship status can use this app, as long as they are above the age of 18. The app is free to use for women. The app has recently gained a lot of popularity in cities like Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad, with close to 10 lakh Indians as a part of its database. Interestingly, women are leading on this front with more than half of the user base out of which most of them are concentrated in our capital; New Delhi.

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