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Moolah matters

If not money, what is it that the stars have on mind? Read on.

tabloid Updated: Jun 27, 2006 19:08 IST

When the rest of the world is in a rate race to corner as much cake as possible, the hot shots of Bollywood seem to be in a different mood. Celebrities are defying materialism by saying that moolah is the last thing on their mind!

Hunk John Abraham believes that money is not everything in the world, much less a motivational source to be in Bollywood. Says he, "I never think that money a motivational force for me. I belong to a middle class and I sill have that mentality in me. I will earn as much as important for a decent living. But I am not the one who will think of doing everything for the sake of money. I still have my parents living a very orthodox lifestyle and I have been brought up in that environment. My father still takes public transport to commute. The basic requirement of life is very limited. So I am of the view that money is important only to some extent."

Even Priyanka Chopra feels that emotions and relationships are more important in her life than money. She feels, "It's true that money gives you a sense of security. For being independentin life, money is very important. But if it starts ruling one's life, one becomes very materialistic. I don't work for only money but there is job satisfaction, natural urge and lot many other things in mind when I

work on a project. I can never run after money all the time. I love to earn to that extent in which I take care of myself and my family members."

Another new actress Minnisha Lamba has a unique approach towards the money mania that has engulfed people's life these days. She believes that life becomes longer if you don't have enough money. That is why she earns as much as she needs and she spends as little as she can. Says she, "I believe the best way to be in command of your strong financial position is to keep a track on your expenses and just limit them. If your expenses are in control, you don't have to run after money all the time."

Words of wisdom. But they hardly sound like they are coming from people who are earning lakhs and crores of rupees in the city of dreams!