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Dealing with smelly armpits? Try these natural tips to banish odour

Tired of dealing with smelly armpits? Don't worry, these natural solutions can help you stay fresh and confident. Get ready to say goodbye to unpleasant odour.

Armpits smell when your sweat comes into contact with the bacteria on your skin.(Freepik )
Updated on Aug 31, 2023 11:13 AM IST

Body odours can indicate a serious underlying illness. Health experts reveal how

Stinky armpits and smelly sweat are not usually due to poor hygiene but also due to some medical conditions which may be out of control, causing body odour. Here's how certain body odours can be an indication of a serious underlying health condition/illness

Body odours can indicate a serious underlying illness. Here's how (shutterstock)
Updated on Dec 09, 2022 05:32 PM IST
ByZarafshan Shiraz, Delhi

How to get rid of bad body odour? Try these amazing home remedies

Are you often troubled by bad body odour and tired of reapplying perfumes or deodorants? Check out these amazing natural home remedies to get rid of bad body odour.

How to get rid of bad body odour? Try these amazing home remedies(istockphoto)
Published on Sep 14, 2022 04:30 PM IST

People having similar body odour may form friendships or socially bond better

A new study suggests that by subconsciously sniffing themselves and others, people may be making subliminal comparisons between strangers and may then gravitate towards those whose smell is similar to their own, for social interactions and form better friendships

People having similar body odour may form friendships or socially bond better, says study (Kampus Production)
Updated on Jun 29, 2022 07:48 AM IST
ANI | | Posted by Zarafshan Shiraz, Washington [us]

Men’s style and grooming by Yatan Ahluwalia: Fashion and grooming resolutions for 2021

10 mistakes to avoid making in the new year

Model: Sidharth Neeraj Sharma – a commercial model (Agency: Toabh) and passionate dancer (Agency: Spotlight by You Can Dance!)(Yatan Ahluwalia)
Updated on Jan 03, 2021 09:06 AM IST
Hindustan Times | ByYatan Ahluwalia

Men’s style and grooming by Yatan Ahluwalia: How to reinvent yourself

Sport a Caesar cut and get your body ready to flaunt a lean and smooth look!

Manoj Singh(a model from Uttarakhand)(Yatan Ahluwalia)
Updated on Sep 13, 2020 12:07 PM IST
Hindustan Times | ByYatan Ahluwalia

This enzyme causes your body odour, researchers find

Your armpit hosts a diverse community of bacteria that is part of your natural skin microbiome.

This new research highlights how particular bacteria have evolved a specialised enzyme to produce some of the key molecules we recognise as BO. (Representational Image)(Unsplash)
Updated on Aug 03, 2020 10:38 AM IST
Washington D.C. [USA] | ByAsian News International | Posted by Saumya Sharma

Humour: How to endure annoying habits

We all get on each other’s nerves, but the key is to regulate the hatred

Facebook’s ‘People you may know’ suggestion may provide rage against the rule of algorithms(Photo imaging: Parth Garg)
Updated on Oct 27, 2019 12:18 AM IST
Hindustan Times | ByRehana Munir

This Indian Life by Shoba Narayan: What are Indian family values?

Would individual principles work in a population that is largely contradictory, inconsistent, and boundary-free

In India, Gods can morph into floats and priests can openly ask for bribes in order to get close to an equal God!(Photo imaging: Parth Garg)
Updated on Oct 13, 2019 12:00 AM IST
Hindustan Times | By

Body odour? This bacteria-embedded bodysuit may help

A new futuristic-style bodysuit with live bacteria embedded in it could help combat those unpleasant smells.

Body odour? This bacteria-embedded bodysuit may help.(Rosie Broadhead/Instagram)
Updated on Aug 17, 2019 08:29 AM IST
London | ByReuters

Shine on this summer with a beauty regimen especially for your skin type

The extreme heat takes a toll on our skin and it is time to revamp our beauty regimen to stay protected.

If we get lazy during summers and do not follow a proper skin regimen, the effects of this season tend to stay with us for a long time.(Unsplash)
Updated on Apr 09, 2019 12:00 PM IST
Hindustan Times, Delhi | By

Groom right for that dream job!

According to experts, companies look for employees who can represent themselves well.

A survey says that 69% of hiring managers cite bad grooming and inappropriate dressing as their top turn-offs about candidates.(Pexels)
Updated on Mar 27, 2019 06:30 PM IST
ByPromotional Feature, HT Brand Studio

Body odour causes, 5 most common foods you eat, drink that make you smell

What causes body odour: Garlic, onions, and other common and healthy foods can change the way your breath and sweat smell. To minimise body odour watch out for these odour-inducing foods and drinks.

What causes body odour: We apologise for being bearers of bad news, but eating a spicy garlic subzi can make your breath, urine, and, you guessed it, sweat stink. (Shutterstock)
Updated on Aug 10, 2018 01:46 PM IST
Hindustan Times, New Delhi | By

Cancer treatment, now body odour can help detect the disease

The study shows that olfactory receptors - proteins that bind to odours that aid the sense of smell - perform a wide range of mostly unknown functions outside the nose.

Body odour can help detect cancer.(Shutterstock)
Published on Jul 12, 2018 06:49 PM IST
Press Trust of India | By

Don’t break into a sweat about body odour. Here’s how to deal with it

This summer, follow beauty expert Shahnaz Hussain’s tips to prevent body odour.

Be generous with colognes.(Shutterstock)
Updated on Apr 02, 2018 10:20 AM IST
Asian News International | By
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