Dog refuses to leave his toys behind when heading to the beach. See what he does

Published on Jun 21, 2022 08:40 AM IST
The video of the dog refusing to leave his toys behind while going to the beach was posted on Instagram.
The image, taken from the Instagram video, shows the dog with its toy.(Instagram/@good.boy.ollie)
The image, taken from the Instagram video, shows the dog with its toy.(Instagram/@good.boy.ollie)

Remember Ollie, the dog who was asked to give up some of his toys and wasn’t too happy about it? A video of him selecting his favourite toys that he absolutely couldn’t give up made many on social media smile from ear to ear. Now, another video showing Olie’s love for his toys has been shared on his Instagram page and this one too makes for a wonderful watch.

This video opens show Ollie walking up to a bag kept on the floor with his favourite toy held in his mouth. The text on the video explains that Ollie’s pawrents had taken him for a holiday and they were headed to the beach. However, the pupper didn’t want to leave his favourite toys behind.

As the video progresses, we see Ollie trying to put his toy friend Dexter in the beach bag. He seems extremely confused and concerned when he’s told Dexter can’t be taken to the beach. Moments later, when the family is headed out, Ollie brings another toy named Perry. Keeping Ollie’s concern in mind, his mom comes up with a solution. Watch the video to see what happens.

“Last summer’s adventures… We can’t wait for more beach holidays this year… of course Perry and Dexter will be coming too,” reads the caption shared along with the video.

Shared on June 11, the video has since collected more than one lakh likes and lots of different comments.

“The goodest boy,” wrote an Instagram user about Ollie. “The way he dropped Perry and essentially said ‘if Perry isn't going then I'm not going’… lol,” wrote another. “Thank you for this, I feel so much better,” posted a third. “I will digitally pet him,” shared a fourth.

What do you think about Ollie and his love for his toys?

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