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How TikTok's Reesa Teesa went viral with ‘Who TF Did I Marry’ series?

Feb 29, 2024 08:27 AM IST

TikTok's Reesa Teesa breaks the internet with her ‘Who TF Did I Marry?’ series.

TikTok user Teresa ‘Reesa Teesa’ McCoy has caught millions of viewers' eyes with her drama-topped story of how she married and divorced a man she calls ‘Legion’ in the span of five months.

Reesa Teesa exposes her marriage with con artist 'Legion' was just a scam.(TikTok/REESAMTEESA)
Reesa Teesa exposes her marriage with con artist 'Legion' was just a scam.(TikTok/REESAMTEESA)

The series, titled 'Who TF Did I Marry?!?, has become one of the most viral sensations of 2024, sparking memes, chaos and keyboard war on social media.

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What was the drama all about?

Reesa Teesa claims that her ex-husband ‘Legion’ was a con artist who lied to her about everything from his name, his job, his family, his past, and even his twin brother. She says he manipulated her into marrying him during the pandemic and then tried to ruin her life with his schemes and scams. Doesn't it seem like some plot penned by Jane Austen? Or a movie from Tyler Perry production?

She posted 52 videos on her TikTok account @reesamteesa, each stretched about 10 minutes, narrating the entire ordeal from how they met to how they split. She also did a live stream longing about two hours, answering questions from her followers and sharing more details. Her videos have amassed over 100 million views, and her account has garnered 3.4 million followers and 34.4 million likes.

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In those videos, the TikTok viral girl reveals how ‘Legion’ promised to take her to her dream destinations, such as London and Paris, but never delivered. She says she still hopes to travel to those places someday by herself. She also warns other women to be careful of men like him and to love themselves first.

The play does not end there

A man who claims to be the real ‘Legion’ has responded to Reesa Teesa’s allegations, accusing her of lying and cheating. He says his name is Jerome McCoy and he is the twin brother of the man Reesa Teesa married. He says he left her because he caught her with another man named Bradley in their house, and he will drag her to the court of law.

He says he is planning to sue Reesa Teesa and TMZ for defamation and slander. (earlier TMZ reported on their story that they allegedly identified Jerome McCoy as 'Legion').

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Reesa Teesa has denied Jerome McCoy’s claims and asked her fans not to engage with him. She says he is mentally unstable and dangerous.

The viral drama has drawn the attention of another woman, LaToya Averett, who says she was Jerome McCoy’s first wife. She says he also lied to her and tried to destroy her life. She supports Reesa Teesa and says they are both victims of his abuse.

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