Visually-impaired woman runs online radio platform for the differently-abled

Mar 31, 2021 04:50 PM IST

Minal Singhvi, a woman from Hyderabad, who lost her vision at an age of 28 is now laying a path for other people with disabilities to reach heights.

With an aim to help differently-abled people, a Hyderabad-based visually impaired woman has set up an online radio platform for not just entertainment but also to give valuable information to the people.

The image shows Minal Singhvi during a workshop.(Twitter/@SinghviMinal)
The image shows Minal Singhvi during a workshop.(Twitter/@SinghviMinal)

Minal Singhvi, a woman from Hyderabad, who lost her vision at an age of 28 is now laying a path for other people with disabilities to reach heights. She said that awareness must be created among the public about people with disabilities.

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Speaking to ANI, Minal Singhvi, the president and station director of Udaan Radio said, "Radio Udaan is an online radio platform that is being listened to in over 119 countries across the world. This is the only platform that helps differently-abled people with the required information regarding leanings and any other information."

Having a keen interest in fashion designing and interior designing which needs vision/eyesight, Minal felt devastated when she lost her sight at an age of 28. "I was devastated when I lost my sight, people started to demotivate me by saying that there is nothing much I can do."

Minal said that when she wanted to do something despite her disability, she searched for information through various sources but said that she couldn't find any information that could help a differently-abled person. So that is when she thought of creating a platform to help the differently-abled people to get all the required information.

"Through some sources, I have found out that visually impaired people can use laptops and computers through some training. I have trained myself to use a laptop. With some like-minded people and with a common goal to do something for the differently-abled people we have come up with an idea to establish Radio Udaan," she said.

Despite criticism from many, Minal stood strong to make Radio Udaan reach people, "Initially, we were just a team of 6 members and currently 26 people are working with Radio Udaan.

"My idea was initially criticised by many. But despite all the barriers, at the very beginning, our idea got a very good response from the people," she said.

She said that one the very first-day Radio Udaan was established, they were able to gain over 1,000 listeners, and in the very first month, radio Udaan got listeners of around 10,000 thousand within a short period.

She added that on the current date, this radio is listened to by over 20,000 people on daily basis. We were able to create a change in over 10,000 to 15,000 people by teaching them various aspects through this Radio Udaan.

Minal said that there is a various range of program, regarding information, entertainment, news. "Especially for the people with disabilities, we run special programs where information regarding gadgets that would help people with disabilities and much other information are being provided. We also train differently able people in computer education, English and many other aspects."

Minal is now planning to open an inclusive school where children irrespective of their disabilities are taught in the same way a normal child is taught. She said, "Awareness must be brought among the public regarding the mobility of differently-abled people and the problems they face on day to day basis that can be easily done by normal people." (ANI)

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