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What is ‘1-way interview’? Woman refuses to attend, shares Reddit post explaining why

ByTrisha Sengupta
Apr 10, 2024 10:50 AM IST

According to a Reddit user, she was asked for a “one-way interview” in which she would have to record herself answering interview questions.

A woman's post on “one-way interview” has attracted the attention of many on Reddit. In the post, she shared her response to the company asking her to attend this type of interview. She also explained more about her aversion to opting for this process, where one needs to record oneself answering specific interview questions.

Many people resonated with the Reddit user's unwillingness to attend a one-way interview (Representational image). (Unsplash/willfrancis)
Many people resonated with the Reddit user's unwillingness to attend a one-way interview (Representational image). (Unsplash/willfrancis)

“I'm currently employed, but I've been casually applying to jobs because I want to keep my options open. This is a new thing I saw after applying to a job last week. They emailed me saying they were interested, but wanted me to do a 'one-way interview' which is where I'd have to record myself on video answering interview questions. And I'm not going to do that,” she wrote.

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In the following lines, she claimed that she again received a mail from the same company clarifying “something about the salary" and asking if she would be interested in completing the one-way interview. She shared a screenshot of her response, which has resonated with many.

“I would love to hear what people's thoughts are on this. Maybe my expectations are too high, but this just seems a bit dehumanizing to me. I also wonder if this is going to be (or already is) a common thing. It's been a while since I've been on the job market,” she added and concluded her post.

Take a look at the entire Reddit post related to a job posting here:

The viral post was shared a day ago. Since then, it has collected close to 6,000 upvotes - and the numbers are only increasing. The share has further prompted people to post varied comments.

What did Reddit users say about this post?

“I’ve only heard of these here on Reddit and find them super weird. I love your response, and I hope it resonates with this firm enough for them to do away with this sort of an ‘interview’,” posted a Reddit user.

“I think that's a pretty common manipulation tactic to convince the employees that their voice is less significant than the company leaders and make sure that their employees are going to obey and wouldn't think for themselves,” added another.

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“Did you get a response? I think your email was perfect,” shared a third. The original poster replied, “Thanks, I appreciate that. This was the response: ‘I'm sorry, but due to the sheer volume of applications we've received, that's just not feasible for us unless you're willing to follow the instructions. If you're not, then unfortunately it's not going to work out.’ The odd thing about it is, they reached out to me again a week after sending the initial request, specifically to clarify something about the salary and asking me again to do this one-way interview, which makes me think they either don't have that many qualified applicants, or that no one's wanting to do this thing, lol. Who knows though!”

A fourth wrote, “It's lazy interviewing. They likely screen the worst candidates this way, but it's lazy, so a red flag”.

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