Bigg Boss 12, Weekend Ka Vaar, day 49 LIVE: Urvashi is eliminated as Salman Khan brings Diwali celebrations to the house

On Sunday’s episode of Bigg Boss 12, Weekend Ka Vaar, host Salman Khan brought with him a roller coaster of emotions. The episode saw guests and gifts, leg-pulling and tears. Comedian Bharti Singh and singer Aditya Narayan went to the house with special tasks. Bharti even pulled Deepak’s leg, owing to his growing closeness to Somi. She challenged him to either say ‘I love you’ to her or declare her his sister. A visibly uncomfortable Deepak went down on one knee and said, ‘I love you’.Meanwhile, contestants received gifts from home, with Diwali right around the corner. They were dressed in their best traditional attire, just like Salman, who was wearing a green kurta. Stay tuned for all the LIVE updates from Bigg Boss 12 here.

Salman Khan was in his Diwali attire for Sunday’s episode of Bigg Boss.
Salman Khan was in his Diwali attire for Sunday’s episode of Bigg Boss.
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Urvashi is eliminated

Urvashi bids a teary farewell to the housemates. But she departs by telling her old friend Deepak off. Salman signs off.

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Contestants pick the least entertaining one of the nominated lot

Salman tells the contestants to pick one person whom they think is the least entertaining among the nominees. Salman tells the contestants to pick wisely because their choices will have implications on who is saved. Somi and Sreesanth pick Megha; Dipika, Srishty, Romil, Deepak and Karanvir pick Urvashi.


Karanvir vs Shivashish in the Sultani Akhada

Both Shivashish and Karanvir argue for themselves, and 11 contestants choose Shivashish as the winner of the round. Shivashish wins the first round. The second round is a physical one, in which both contestants are made to run like hamsters on a wheel. Karanvir wins the second round after Shivashish falls down. And by winning the second round, which had twice the weightage, Karanvir is declared the winner of the Sultani Akhada.

9:45 PM IST

Contestants receive Diwali gifts from home

Everyone gets Diwali gifts from home, and becomes very emotional. Sreesanth begins crying because he is reminded of home and his family. Srishty is sent a framed Rs 100 note - her first earning. Romil is sent reminders of his kids, as is Sreesanth, who is sent his daughter’s school uniform.

But those contestants who did not receive gifts from home face Salman’s jokes. Salman tells them that their gifts got delayed so he has arranged for some for them. Deepak is shown a bottle of glue, to mend broken relationships, while Dipika is shown glycerine, because she cries a lot.

9:30 PM IST

Aditya Narayan and Bharti Singh enter the house with special tasks

Comedian Bharti Singh and singer Aditya Narayan enter the house with a special task.


Bharti pulls Deepak’s leg by teasing him about his ‘relationship’ with Somi. When he says that they’re ‘just friends, Bharti gives him a challenge. He must either tell Somi that he loves her or declare her to be his sister. A visibly confused Deepak gets down on one knee and says ‘I love you’ to Somi.


After embarrassing Deepak, Aditya starts a dance competition between Srishty, Jasleen, Rohit and Shivashish. They make pairs and set the rules. A piece of paper is placed on the floor and the couples must dance without stepping outside it. After the first round the paper is folded in half, bringing the couples closer. The boys resort to picking the women up.

The next task is also about Deepak, who is told to woo Somi with a song. He’s cut short by Aditya, who begins singing and wins Somi over.

In the next challenge, which is between Romil and Surbhi, the two are tasked with rapping about other housemates.

Aditya and Bharti then announce a challenge between fire and ice, hot and cold, Sreesanth and Karanvir, who’re tasked with an arm-wrestling match. Sreesanth wins.

The last competition is between Dipika and Urvashi, who are told to make laddoos. The person who makes the most laddoos will win. The catch is that they’ll also have to eat the laddoos they made. Dipika wins easily.

9:15 PM IST

Contestants choose who brings the darkness in the house and who brings the light

Jasleen picks Romil as the one who brings darkness to the house and Somi as the one who brings the light. Romil reciprocates by picking Jasleen. Surbhi picks Karanvir as the bringer of darkness and Romil as the one who brings the light. Somi picks Sreesanth as the one who brings darkness and Romil as the bright one.

Romil seems to be the most popular housemate. Megha picks him as the bringer of darkness and says that he disrespects the others and thinks only about himself. Megha gives the ‘mithai’ to Dipika, and names her as a bringer of light.

When Salman gives them space to stew in their choices, Jasleen and Romil speak to each other and end up hugging each other.


Salman Khan opens Diwali episode with mixed emotions

Salman Khan opens the auspicious Diwali episode by complimenting the contestants, but there is an undercurrent of fear among the nominated few - Urvashi, Rohit, Megha, Jasleen, Devashish.

Salman says that one of the nominated contestants will be evicted from the show on today’s episode. He introduced a new task - the contestants will have to pick one contestant who rings the darkness to the house and one who brings the light.

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