Emilia Clarke in a still from Game of Thrones.
Emilia Clarke in a still from Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones theory says Daenerys Targaryen will abandon Jon Snow and side with Night King

A Game of Thrones theory suggests that while Daenerys Targaryen might end up on the throne, it will not be in the manner that fans are expecting.
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UPDATED ON APR 06, 2019 05:08 PM IST

A new Game of Thrones theory suggests that a big twist is in store for fans of the hit HBO fantasy series, and especially those expecting Daenerys Targaryen to claim the Iron Throne in the show’s hotly anticipated final season.

A fan has posted a theory on Reddit, in which they claim to have found clues in the show’s second season, which point to Dany siding with the Night King.


The last time we saw her, she was cosying up to Jon Snow. The theory points to a scene in season two, in which Dany has a vision which takes her to the North, and beyond the Wall, lured by Khal Drogo and their son, until she is called back by the cries of her dragons.

The fan suggests that a part of this vision has already come true in season seven, and the second part will be seen in season eight.

Dany and Jon will have a child, the theory continues, but she will lose both her surviving dragons to the Night King in battle. Torn between Jon, their child, and her dragons, Dany will ultimately choose to be on the Night King’s side, and reunite with the dragons. The fan points out that during Dany’s vision, a warlock tells her, “you’ll be with your dragons through winter, summer, and winter again.”

The Night King will make her his queen, and Dany will occupy the throne, just not how fans expected her to. A separate theory, shared online in 2017, comes to basically the same conclusion.


The fan brought up a quote by actor Emilia Clarke, who said of Dany’s final scene, “It f*****d me up. Knowing that is going to be a lasting flavour in someone’s mouth of what Daenerys is.”

Game of Thrones will return for a final, abridged season on April 15 in India.

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