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‘I want to do films now’

Devarshi Patel was voted out of Roadies 6: Hell Down Under.. talks about his future plans with Nikhil Taneja.

tv Updated: Mar 24, 2009 15:36 IST
Hindustan Times

The selectors took him on board Roadies 6 Hell Down Under because (as they put it), he made them laugh so much. Devarshi Patel did a lot more though, which is probably how he lasted a month on the reality show. Voted out a couple of weeks ago, the call-centre employee talks tasks, villains and love on reality TV.

Why volunteer for the coffin task when you knew you’d be out?
I assumed that the person who got into the coffin would get immunity. I thought convincing someone else to get in, would take time and we’d lose. It’s sad that the producers, Raghu (Ram) and Rajiv (Lakshman), thought I got into the coffin because I wanted out of Roadies. I just wanted all five of us to get immunity.

Then why did you dance when you got out of the coffin?
Since our team performed the task first, I thought that meant we had won. I was just celebrating!

You voted Nauman out of the show and he’s back now. Disappointed that you weren’t called back?
No, it was my mistake, so I don’t expect them to take me back. I made two mistakes.. getting into the coffin and voting Nauman out. I thought that he was plotting against me with Sandeep and Pradeep.

Even Palak has returned..
She’s back because people need masala. I’d tell everyone on the show that there’s no hero without a villain in a movie. Palak was the villain. In fact, no one would talk to her. But off the camera, I’d sit with her at times because she was so alone. Yet, she played games.

Was there anyone else on the show who backstabbed you?
Yes, Samrat did. He and I were friends right from the auditions. But when I was going into the coffin, Tamanna was about to stop me.. he stopped her from trying to save me. I saw that when the episode aired. He came across as a genuine person on camera, but he played games off it.

Don’t you think the task in which you got hit between your legs was rather harsh?
(Laughs) They had warned us before the journey that it would be hell. After that task, there were many who took care of us, so it’s okay. I hurt for half an hour but it was fine after that.

Is there anyone from the show you wouldn’t keep in touch with?
Palak for sure. And Bobby too. I had a crush on her but she hurt me badly. On the day Nauman was voted out, there was a plan to vote her out instead. I had seen her sitting on a rock, looking really upset. That’s when I decided to change the game around and got Nauman voted out. But on the camp night, I realised what kind of a person she is when she said, “Tere soft corner ko jala doongi.”

What are you up to now?
I’m working in an international call center and doing MBA part-time. It was my dream to come into the glamour industry. I had always wanted to meet Raghu and I’m glad I did. After Roadies, normal life seems so boring. I hope to land some Bollywood offers.. obviously not as a hero, but I can be a good comedian.

Any message you want to give your fellow roadies who were voted out as well?
I want to tell Bobby that it’s not always good to be so selfish. She should care about others’ feelings. She should be proud that someone liked her and sacrificed friendship for her. But if she behaves this way, no boy will ever like her again.

First Published: Mar 24, 2009 15:32 IST