Make your home a ‘safe home’

Here’s how you can keep your kids away from harm
If possible avoid using non-perishable items for 48 hours after sanitising them(Photo: Shutterstock)
If possible avoid using non-perishable items for 48 hours after sanitising them(Photo: Shutterstock)
Updated on Jul 22, 2020 07:36 PM IST
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Hindustan Times, Mumbai | ByNavneet Vyasan

With people getting frustrated being home for the past four months, one can only imagine what kids must be going through. It won’t be surprising if they’ve turned restless in the past few months. And while uncertainty looms over the future and Covid-19 cases only rising, all one can do is to keep their surroundings sanitised, maintain caution to avoid any kind of misfortune.

But since it is a bit difficult to explain the situation to kids, some things need to be understood - “It is a privilege to sit home and be safe,” says child psychologist, Chandni Bhagat. She also adds that “the kids’ room should not be accessible to any outsiders.” Bhagat says that it goes without saying that all those who enter the kids room need to take safety precautions before they do.

Lifestyle Blogger Shrima Rai is of the opinion that one must ensure kids have their immunity at its peak by “daily exercise, healthy meals and vitamins especially vitamin C”. Rai adds that vegetable soups should be frequently provided to kids.

Another important point one should keep in mind is the necessity to sanitise every item that is brought home. Experts feel that items like chips and snacks kids will excite kids and they’ll have the tendency to pick them up as soon as they arrive. This should not be allowed. “Make sure that you sanitize all the items that come home, including fruits and vegetables. If possible, leave non-perishable items for 48 hrs before using it,” adds Bhagat.

Namrata Parikh, co-founder of Sanitab feels that with a little effort, “it is possible to ensure that constant sanitisation takes place. This is inclusive of sanitisation of your own self as well as everything around you”.

But is it possible to keep their movements in check? “Limiting movements is the only answer,” says Rai, before concluding, “Unfortunately, this seems to be a very abnormal childhood for them this year but their safety is of utmost importance”.

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