Protesters have been demanding the restoration of democracy.(AP Photo)
Protesters have been demanding the restoration of democracy.(AP Photo)

'Red shirts, 3-fingered salutes': All you need to know about mass protest against Myanmar military coup

Group of saffron-clad monks with workers and students also marched in the protest rally.
By | Edited by Deepali Sharma
PUBLISHED ON FEB 08, 2021 02:32 PM IST

Myanmar is witnessing a massive protest in the country after a military coup seized power alleging that the democratic elections were fraudulent. The military declared a year-long emergency in the country with the power now in the hands of the army chief Min Aung Hlaing.

The military has put Aung San Suu Kyi and other senior leaders of the National League for Democracy Party under house arrest. Protesters have been demanding the restoration of democracy. "We don't want military dictatorship. We want democracy," protesters are sloganeering.

Who all have joined the protest?

People across industries and sectors have joined the protest rally to agitate against the seizing of power. Myanmar is witnessing huge protest rallies in a decade.

Nurses, health workers, factory workers and monks have also roped in the protest rally in Yangon. This is the third day of the nationwide protest against the military coup that happened last Monday.

Campaign for civil disobedience is going online. Even the internet shutdown couldn't stop people from mobilising and taking to the streets protesting for the restoration of democracy.

"We health workers are leading this campaign to urge all government staff to join the (civil disobedience movement)," Reuters quoted Aye Misan, a nurse at a government hospital in Yangon as saying.

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Group of saffron-clad monks with workers and students also marched in the protest rally. Calls were made to workers asking them to skip work and join the nationwide protest, as reported by BBC.

Besides street protest, the campaign for civil disobedience was initiated with doctors, later joined in by teachers, lawyers and government workers. "We request government staff from all departments not to attend work from Monday," activist Min Ko Naing said, as reported by Reuters.

The protests have been largely peaceful but water cannons were fired by the police in capital Naypyidaw against the protesting group.

Protest symbols

Protestors in Yangon are showing their non-cooperation with red shirts, holding red balloons symbolising the association with the colour of Aung San Suu Kyi's party. Cars and buses were slowed and used their horns to show support for Suu Kyi's party. Multicoloured Buddhist flags were waved by monks along with red banners to show their solidarity with the democratic party.

A three-fingered salute was also flashed by the protestors as a sign of defiance against the authoritarian regime that has taken over the power in the country.

Myanmar had last seen such massive protests in the 2007 Saffron Revolution. The military coup has gained major condemnation from across the globe.

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