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From Jake Paul to Tristan Tate: What influencers said about Vivek Ramaswamy dropping out

ByArya Vaishnavi
Jan 16, 2024 06:48 PM IST

Keep reading to know what influencers said about Vivek Ramaswamy dropping out from the presidential race following Iowa caucuses

Vivek Ramaswamy dropped out of the 2024 presidential race following a poor performance in the Iowa caucus on Monday. Upon his exit, the 38-year-old entrepreneur announced his “full endorsement” of Donald Trump. Despite the former US president's brutal social media rants, Ramaswamy showered Trump with praises, calling him the “best president of the 21st century.” Ramaswamy's exit from the race in a bid for the Trump presidency has garnered appreciation from many, including famous influencers like Tristan Tate and Jake Paul.

Jake Paul and Tristan Tate address Vivek Ramaswamy's exit from presidential race
Jake Paul and Tristan Tate address Vivek Ramaswamy's exit from presidential race

Influencers rally behind Ramaswamy after his exit

Famous figures took to social media to shower Ramaswamy with praise for his decision to drop out. Controversial influencer Andrew Tate's brother Tristan lauded Ramaswamy's decision on X, formerly Twitter.

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“This man is only 3 years older than I am. A year ago very few people knew who he was and he is now a household name worldwide. This has been an incredible campaign and he has launched himself into the forefront of republican politics. I believe one day Vivek will be president,” Tristan wrote.

Internet personality Savanah Hernandez, who is famous for her podcast Slightly Offens*ve, also appreciated Ramaswamy's decision. “Vivek just suspended his campaign for President. This decision only confirms that he truly does care about listening to the wants of the American people & understands the importance of unification ahead of the 2024 elections,” Hernandez wrote.

Famous YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul also expressed his contentment with the biotech entrepreneur's decision. “Super proud of Vivek for taking the political world by storm and shaking up the broken system. As the youngest and sharpest out there, I know this is just the start of his story. the Truth always prevails…” he wrote.

Social media personality Ada Lluch wrote, “Vivek is once in a lifetime candidate. His work ethic, intelligence and values are unmatched. He is genuinely an amazing human being which is rare in politics. After running an incredible campaign and working harder than any other candidate, he just endorsed President Trump.”

“Trump deserves to run this country for 4 more years and shut the rest of the World up. But Vivek is the future. And when Trump’s time is over, I’m sure he will be the strongest advocate to continue the America First movement. And by the way, Nikki and De Santis, you can go f**k yourself,” Lluch added.

Journalist Ashley St. Clair also expressed her appreciation for Ramaswamy, saying, “I’m not even upset about Vivek dropping Winning was a Hail Mary He ran a historic campaign, revived purpose + hope for many Americans, and showed what American work ethic is supposed to look like. I’m excited for the next season of Vivek Ramaswamy & hope the rest of America tunes in as well.”

Meanwhile, podcaster Josie Glabach wrote, “Vivek is one of the most brilliant and inspiring people I’ve ever had the privilege of getting to know. His future is so bright and I wish him and his team all the best.”

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