Mr Beast asks Sam Altman not to make him ‘homeless’ after Sora launch: ‘Too late - Hindustan Times

Mr Beast asks Sam Altman not to make him ‘homeless’ after Sora launch: ‘Too late?’

ByAditi Srivastava
Feb 16, 2024 10:19 AM IST

YouTube star MrBeast expresses concern over the potential threat to his career posed by OpenAI's Sora, a text-to-video generator.

YouTube icon MrBeast has made a hilarious plea to OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, begging him not to condemn him to a life of "homelessness" after the recent launch of the AI chatbot, Sora. A playful Twitter exchange between MrBeast and Sam Altman sheds light on the public's increasing interest in big language models and their potential effects on work. For the unversed, the creator of ChatGPT has introduced a new tool capable of generating brief videos promptly in response to written instructions.

OpenAI's Sora generates videos promptly in response to written instructions
OpenAI's Sora generates videos promptly in response to written instructions

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Mr Beast’s plea to Sam Altman for job security

YouTube star MrBeast (real name James Stephen Donaldson) might be feeling the heat from artificial intelligence. With the launch of Sora, a powerful text-to-video generator, MrBeast, known for his wild, expensive stunts and charitable acts, sees a potential threat to his career. This playful exchange between him and the AI developer has sparked a fascinating discussion about how technology is changing the game for humans, pushing us to adapt and evolve alongside it.

On X, Sam Altman responded to Mr. Beast's query by sharing an instant video generated by Sora. Altman followed up by announcing, "Today we are starting red-teaming and offering access to a limited number of creators," prompting immediate global reactions. Mr. Beast chimed in with a playful plea, "Sam plz don’t make me homeless," to which Altman replied, "will generate you a video, what would you like?" Mr. Beast's response, "Hmmm, a monkey playing chess in a park," was instantly fulfilled as Altman delivered the requested video, showcasing a monkey playing chess within moments.

Netizens react to Mr. Beat and Sam Altman’s ‘Sora’ exchange

Many others joined the conversation. A user wrote, “Sam plz make him homeless”, others chimed in, “you can always crash at my place, no worries.Well not sure for how long I'll have it with all the sh*t going on, but if I still have it and you need somewhere to crash - you're more than welcome”, “MrBeast , looks like Sora is about to secure all video content creators, guess it's time to pivot to becoming professional Sora whisperers.”, “Too late. You have ignored the AI for far too long.”

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What is Sora?

OpenAI has disclosed very little about Sora's development process, and the system is still not publicly accessible. It is currently operating under red teaming, which assists in locating weaknesses in the AI system, according to the developers. As per the official statement, "Sora is able to generate complex scenes with multiple characters, specific types of motion, and accurate details of the subject and background.” Apart from that Sora can also animate a still image, the company said in a blogpost.

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