‘A well-crafted conspiracy’: Luveena Lodh’s estranged husband says he isn’t related to Mahesh Bhatt, only an ‘employee’

Dismissing allegations that he is related to Mukesh and Mahesh Bhatt, Sumit Sabherwal has responded to estranged wife Luveena Lodh’s video.
Luveena Lodh had claimed harassment by the Bhatt brothers and their ‘nephew’ Sumit Sabherwal.
Luveena Lodh had claimed harassment by the Bhatt brothers and their ‘nephew’ Sumit Sabherwal.
Updated on Oct 26, 2020 12:29 PM IST
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The estranged husband of model-actor Luveena Lodh, Sumit Sabherwal, has ended his silence on her allegations against him and Mukesh and Mahesh Bhatt. Luveena, in an Instagram video and subsequent interviews, had claimed that she was being harassed by the Bhatt brothers and their ‘nephew’ Sumit. In the statement released by his lawyers, he also said he is not related to Mahesh Bhatt and brother Mukesh but an employee of Vishesh Films.

“The claims and contents of the video being circulated by our client’s estranged wife Mrs. Luveena Lodh are denied in toto,” the statement read. “Our client expresses his deepest regret that the good name of Mr. Mahesh Bhatt & Mr. Mukesh Bhatt (herein after referred to as the Bhatt Brother’s) is being sullied solely due to his pending (since 2016) matrimonial dispute with his wife. It is made amply clear that our client is merely and employee of M/s Vishesh Films Pvt Ltd. and NOT related to either of the Bhatt Brother’s as has falsely and maliciously been sought to be made out by the video’s in question. Every attempt being made in order to formulate a relation between our client and the Bhatt brothers must be construed as a well-crafted conspiracy to precipitate and motivate a lucrative “settlement” for her disputes with our client; as is amply made clear in her interviews as well,” it added.

In her video, Luveena had called herself the ‘the wife of Mahesh’s nephew’. She had claimed that Sumit supplied ‘drugs and women’ to various actors and that Mahesh knew all about it. She had called Mahesh ‘the biggest don of this industry’, adding, “If you don’t play by his rules, he will make life difficult for you. Mahesh Bhatt has ruined a lot of lives by putting them out of work. He makes one phone call and people lose their job. Ever since I filed a case against him, he has been trying to enter my house and remove me from this house. No one files my NC (non-cognizable complaint) either and even after great difficulty I manage to file an NC, no action is taken.”

The filmmaker’s lawyer had dismissed all allegations, adding that legal action will be taken against Luveena. “With reference to the video released by one Lavina Lodhi. We, on behalf of our client Mahesh Bhatt, refute the allegations. Such allegations are not only false and defamatory but have serious consequences in law. Our client will take such action in accordance with law as advised. SD/- Naik Naik & Co. Legal Counsel, Vishesh Films.”nager/head of production at @VisheshFilms,” Pooja Bhatt had tweeted.

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