Gunda baddie Mukesh Rishi: New villains have no position in Bollywood

Actor Mukesh Rishi, who is well known for his memorable negative roles in Bollywood, says the role of villains has shrunk in films today.

bollywood Updated: Mar 10, 2018 16:42 IST
Idrees Bukhtiyar
Idrees Bukhtiyar
Hindustan Times
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Actor Mukesh Rishi credits his success to filmmakers Priyadarshan and R Mohan. (Rahul Raut)

Bollywood actor Mukesh Rishi, best known for his character Bulla from the film Gunda (1998), says that the new crop of villains in Bollywood have no position in the film industry. “I see that there are no bad guys like the ones we have seen in the past in Bollywood anymore. The villains earlier had a position and their role was highlighted well in the films, but now it doesn’t happen anymore,” he says.

Rishi blames the deficient storyline of the films for the mess. “Nowadays, we are not getting strong storylines in films like we have seen earlier. Then, the audience used to be very eager to see the villains but now the situation has changed totally. The process has shrunk the role of villains in films and greater preference is given to the heroes,” he says. However, he is happy with the cinema of Tollywood. “They give the due respect to antagonists and their position is always highlighted,” he adds.

Offering a suggestion for antagonists in Bollywood, the veteran actor says, “In today’s time, when there is so much competition, they must not only focus on the characters of antagonists or protagonists, it is better for them to be good actors first.”

Rishi, who is also known for his negative character Zafar Supari from Salman Khan’s film Garv (2004), says that films are incomplete without the presence of bad guys. “We have young villains in Bollywood today but they don’t fit the image right. I think negative characters need to be cast in the best possible way because it has an impact on the film,” he shares.

The actor, who started his career in 1993 with the film Gardish, says that the credit for his success will always go to director Priyadarshan and producer R Mohan. “They trusted me at the beginning of my career and launched me as the main antagonist in their first film. At a time when I had no work in Bollywood, they gave me my first break. I will always be thankful to them,” he says.

When asked which films he has enjoyed working in the most, Rishi says, “All of them have been challenging for me. I believe that they pay me for my work and I have to come up with an extraordinary performance. Since I got into acting, I always wanted to play a bad guy. I am happy with my work and I think my hard work didn’t get wasted,” he signs off.

First Published: Mar 10, 2018 16:42 IST