Ravi Kishan: Earlier, people used to think that actors are cheap and downmarket

Actor Ravi Kishan speaks at length about how he saved himself from the various ‘distractions’ when he was a newbie in the film industry.

bollywood Updated: Apr 13, 2018 15:26 IST
Rishabh Suri
Rishabh Suri
Hindustan Times
Ravi Kishan recently starred in filmmaker Anurag Kashyap’s Mukkabaaz.

With over a 100 films to his credit, Ravi Kishan is a popular face in Hindi and Bhojpuri cinema. After 26 years of being in the showbiz, he reveals that his decision to become an actor didn’t go down well with his father.

“I had no comfort... it was painful, but there are no sob stories. Somewhere down the line, I was sure that good things will happen. In the 90s (when Kishan started off), there was no TV, and Doordarshan was the only option. Thus, there was no scope of any side income. I never thought I’ll be a superstar, or I will have money and comfort,” he says.

The actor adds that gradually, his father came around to his decision. “[I thought] one day, when I earn money and give him all the happiness, he will be fine and he will understand, because in those days, the [film] industry and cinema people were looked at as downmarket. People used to think, ‘Arre, bahaut hi cheap log hote hain cinema waale’,” says Kishan, who was recently seen in Anurag Kashyap’s film, Mukkabaaz.

The actor agrees that there are many distractions that try to steer one off the path once someone gets into the industry. “I wanted my father to realise that I will do a good job, won’t get into partying and drugs, and all that rubbish. I will be a good boy. I won’t party all night and womanise, but instead take care of my face and body. Main in sab cheezon se bach gaya aur survive kar gaya (I saved myself from all these things and survived),” says Kishan.

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First Published: Apr 13, 2018 15:25 IST