Remember Crime Master Gogo? Now, Shraddha Kapoor wants someone to make Gogo And Gogi
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Remember Crime Master Gogo? Now, Shraddha Kapoor wants someone to make Gogo And Gogi

Shraddha Kapoor says she trusts her father Shakti Kapoor’s judgement; adds that she turns to her parents in times of failure and success.

bollywood Updated: Jun 16, 2017 13:08 IST
Shraddha Kapoor,Shakti Kapoor,Siddhanth Kapoor
Shraddha Kapoor says she will “always be a student of life.”

She admits that her Bollywood career didn’t start off with a “bang” (with Teen Patti; 2010). However, since then, Shraddha Kapoor has been part of many big hits such as Aashiqui 2 (2013) and Ek Villain (2014). Nonetheless, the actor says she will “always be a student of life.” As Shraddha soaks in the success of her latest film, Half Girlfriend, HT catches up with her about success, failures and her rumoured love life.

You have completed seven years in the industry…

Actually, no one knows that we shot for Teen Patti for two-and-a-half years. So I started shooting for the film in August 2007. By that logic, if you actually calculate, then I have completed almost 10 years.

Shraddha Kapoor will be seen with her brother, Siddhanth Kapoor in Haseena.

Do you feel like you have completed close to a decade in the industry?

No, I don’t feel it (laughs). I feel shocked about it. It makes me think, ‘Really? What?’

But do you look back at the times gone by?

Yes, I do that every now and then. I do that just to relive those memories. Sometimes, it feels nice to look back and think, ‘Oh, during my first film, I didn’t even know that there’s a term called ‘mark’ on a film set’ or that ‘one shouldn’t block the lighting on the sets.’ But now, I feel like I know something (smiles).

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But by now, you have had so many hits to your credit starting with Aashiqui 2...

I actually didn’t start off with a bang. I look at Teen Patti as my start. My start had a lot of struggles, but I think all those efforts paid off as I was fortunate enough to get all the films that I eventually got, and I continue to get. For instance, I am really fortunate to have signed Saina now. I think that’s going to be my hardest film till date, and it is going to entail months and months of preparation.

Shraddha Kapoor’s last hit, Half Girlfriend also starred Arjun Kapoor.

At this point, how much does success or failure affect you?

At that time [when a film flops], it affects me a lot. But at the end of the day, you can only tell yourself not to take success to your head, and failure to your heart. I felt bad with Rock On 2 (2016) and OK Jaanu not doing well, but I brushed it off. But like any other actor, I always hope that my films do well.

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How do you handle your successes and failures?

I go to my parents in both the situations. Actually, in all situations, I go to them because I feel whenever you turn to your comfort zone, you feel better about everything. It doesn’t matter if you are feeling lost or experiencing ups-and-downs for whatever reason.

So, your family is your comfort zone…

Definitely, my family and my best friends.

Shraddha Kapoor starred alongside Aditya Roy Kapur in OK Jaanu.

When you find your name in the news vis-à-vis your personal life, does it frustrate you?

Firstly, I don’t read the papers, but sometimes, when I hear rumours or stories, I don’t pay attention to them anymore. Instead, I choose to ignore them. There was a time when I used to pay attention [to such stories] and would get affected. But now I have realised that there’s no point in doing that. Sometimes, rumours can go to a level of fictional creativity wherein you don’t have control over it, so it’s best to not get affected by it.

So, it never gets to you?

There was a time when I would be like, ‘What is this’ and ‘Why are people writing this without checking facts.’ But now, I completely ignore it.

Shraddha Kapoor starred in Rock On 2 alongside Farhan Akhtar.

Do you go to your family for feedback on your work?

I definitely keep going back to my dad and my family. My dad is my biggest and most honest critic. He tells me things straight up. He will either tell me that I was ‘good’ or ‘whatever’. But yes, he does tell me more good things than bad. If I take his word, then I feel really good because I trust his judgment a lot.

Would you like to work with your father?

Yes, I would love it if they make a movie that could feature the both of us. Someone should make a movie called ‘Gogo And Gogi’ (laughs; a spin off from his role of Crime Master Gogo from Andaz Apna Apna; 1994).

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Does it hurt when your films don’t do well at the box office?

I have realised that ‘box office pressure’ is not real pressure for me. People also ask me how do I feel about the multiple Rs 100-crore hits, or tell me that I must be feeling great. But I don’t equate my achievements to how much money my movies make.

So, what’s your idea of an achievement?

I feel proud of the fact that I have been part of a good film and have worked really hard on it. So it will be nice if people like it. But there are so many good films that unfortunately don’t do well, leaving me shocked. They may be called art or niche films. It angers me. And then, at times, films that are not so good do really well. I just hope that it balances things out.

Even Andaz Apna Apna (1994) didn’t do very well…

Yes. I can’t imagine that happened, and it’s a cult film today.

But, as an actor, do you feel bad?

Of course, it definitely hurts.

Especially, when consecutive releases underperform?

Yes, [it hurts] a little more, but I brush it off, because at the end of it, I have to get back to what I love doing the most [acting].

Shraddha Kapoor hit the big league with Aashiqui 2.

But you can’t control box-office results, right?

Yes, it’s true. But, of course, it’s always a nice feeling if people watch the film.

You have always spoken openly about the lean patch that you went through before Aashiqui 2 (2013). That must have been a big learning experience?

Yes, definitely. I think you learn more from failures than you do from your successes. When my two films (Rock On 2; 2016 and Ok Jaanu) didn’t do well at the box office, that further strengthened that belief. But that didn’t make me very upset, because I was so happy shooting for those films. I was a little upset, but I brushed it off. I thought, ‘God, I really love doing this [acting]’; so much so that [films] not doing well at the box office didn’t affect me that much.

Shraddha Kapoor started her career with Teen Patti in 2010.

Your last film was based on a book, Half Girlfriend, but are you a voracious reader?

I used to be one. But now, I don’t get as much time for it as I’ve to make time for other things. However, I want to start making time to read more.

But isn’t it going to be tough to take out time from your busy schedules?

Yes. I think most of my time goes into films, but I want to start taking out time for reading also because I think it’s extremely important; I think everyone should read as it can really contribute to how you evolve as a person.

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First Published: Jun 05, 2017 14:51 IST