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Beat air pollution!

Get high on these herbs and foods to protect yourself

brunch Updated: Nov 10, 2018 23:31 IST
Shikha Sharma
Shikha Sharma
Hindustan Times
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Air pollution, as we all know, is on the rise in many cities in India right now. It affects the lungs and causes inflammation leading to allergy, asthma and many other breathing-related problems.

Here are some home remedies to protect one’s health from it’s harmful effects:

Top tips
  • Air masks help reduce the particulate load, specially for expecting mothers and small children
  • Plant greens, which purify air like Areca Palm, Lady Palm, rubber plant, dracaena
  • Avoid heavy cheese and dairy in winter as they tend to affect the respiratory tracts the maximum
  • Keep the dinner light
  • Eating banana, rice or sour foods at night also causes lung problems according to the dosha theory of Ayurveda

Jaggery:This is an age-old and popular remedy for lung protection. In olden times, gur or jaggery was given as a daily ration to the coal mine workers to protect them from the coal mine pollution. So, consuming five to 10 grams of jaggery daily with hot water helps detoxify the lungs.

Trikatu: An Ayurvedic preparation, this has long pepper (pippali), black pepper (kali mirch) and ginger. This unique combination of herbs can cut through chronic toxin and mucous problems. Take a pinch of trikatu powder and add to hot water. Stir this mix and add a teaspoon of honey or jaggery. This decoction is to be sipped slowly. Take this twice a day during the winter months.

Tulsi: One of the most effective ways to use tulsi is by preparing a concoction of its leaves during winters for detoxifying. To do so, boil tulsi leaves in water, and add a pinch of jaggery and saunf. For best results, consume this twice daily.

Chawanprash:Consuming chawanprash loaded with Vitamin C boosts immunity and fights diseases caused by air pollution.

Hydration: Keeping the body well hydrated is very important to help remove toxins from the lungs by improving circulation and assisting in the process of removal of particles from the lungs.

Turmeric: Not only does it help reduce inflammation caused due to viral and bacterial infections, but it also helps keep the allergic tendency of the respiratory system in check. For best results, the turmeric should be organic.

Garlic and onion: Both these pungent vegetables, due to the presence of sulphur-like compounds, help reduce the bacterial and viral load in the bronchioles and digestive tract when they are consumed. This helps to prevent infection even if the bronchioles get inflamed due to allergy.

From HT Brunch, November 11, 2018

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First Published: Nov 10, 2018 20:45 IST