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News Of The Future: Tech Life In 2012

2011 was great for tech and 2012 will be better. There are a lot of indications as to what lies ahead for technology in the next year. Here’s what we may find if we scan through all the top headlines of 2012.

brunch Updated: Dec 26, 2011 18:19 IST
Rajiv Makhni
Rajiv Makhni
Hindustan Times

Who cares about looking back when there’s so much to look forward to? Here’s what the headlines in 2012 will be.

2011 was great for tech and 2012 will be better. There are a lot of indications as to what lies ahead for technology in the next year. Here’s what we may find if we scan through all the top headlines of 2012.

December 2012 Blackberry

Andro sells in big numbers, BlackBerry continues to sell in huge numbers.

blackberry organiserAfter the shocking announcement in August 2012 that RIM would not go with the new BBX platform but shift to Android, BB phones have sold very well.

The compelling mix of Android with true BB push email and the very much in demand andro-BBM has made sure that BB is back.

March 2012 The FloodGates are open again
Bill Gates has come back to head the Microsoft business. While it wasn’t exactly unexpected, Steve Ballmer has immediately announced that he will move on to purse Other Interests.

This comes at a time when Windows 8 has had a great start and Windows Phone has captured a fair slice of the smartphone market, both of which came about under Ballmer. Gates also announced that a Windows 9 Tablet would be out next year for $99.

November 2012 Mass Exodusfrom Facebook
Facebook has seen a huge number of dropouts and the trend has continued this month. This has mainly happened ever since Facebook implemented new mind-reading technology for all its users.

This technology reads a Facebook user’s mind and posts his or her thoughts immediately. Thus most posts became very ugly and critical and people were shocked at the harsh comments that their posted pictures got.

Zuckerberg has dismissed this as a temporary blip as he still has 1.2 billion minds to read and claims this is the new honest Facebook away from the fake sugary comments that everybody lied about and posted on their accounts.

toasterOctober 2012 Tim Cook resigns after iPad 3 flop

What was just a rumour has now turned to reality. After brilliant sales of the iPhone 5, the massive disappointment of the iPad 3 and low sales have taken their toll. The iPad 3 came out with a small 7-inch screen and a very high price of $799.

This opened the flood gates from Amazon and Samsung to pounce and Amazon’s Kindle Fire 2 with a 9-inch screen and $99 dollar price is now the current leader. Tim Cook has announced plans to open a new company that would make high tech toasters.

June 2012 Motorola’s last factory shuts down
Motorola’s Chinese owner WingShu Corp has shut down the last of the Motorola factories. After Google sold off Motorola after stripping it of all its patents and intellectual property, WingShu has had one disaster after another.

The first phone, the Razr 2, had huge problems and got sued for millions of dollars for cutting people’s hands as it was too thin. WingShu has announced that it will come up with its own versions of shaving blades to compete with Gillette.

September 2012 Third Blackout of 3G networks worldwide
Once again, most high speed, on-the-move mobile broadband users were left twiddling their thumbs. With an overload of capacities and Internet everywhere, mobile broadband carriers are collapsing like ninepins.

With Internet-enabled cars, movie and TV streaming, more than 700 million smartphones and Tablets on 3G and too much content being downloaded, the overloaded networks have completely collapsed.

apple tvSeptember 2012 Apple Television totally different from expectations

Apple took the world by surprise with its 55 and 75-inch television displays that don’t try and force you to interact with the TV. It is also pushing all kinds of content like music, TV shows and movies on to it.

With almost everything that is on the iTunes store available on your TV, a whole new world of content has opened up. While there are all kind of apps that run on this TV, the main emphasis is video and content on demand.

August 2012 Patent wars get uglier
Samsung and HTC have both won their cease and desist case in the USA and all of Europe. This will now curb all phone sales of Microsoft’s Windows Phone and Apple’s iPhone 5 in these regions.

Patent wars have become uglier this year as most companies have realised that that there is more money in suing than manufacturing. Apple has counter-sued all Android manufacturers.

June 2012 Siri goes down, All-out war between assistants
Siri was officially taken off beta and off the iPhone due to an all-out war of voice assistants. Due to too many errors and the technology turning out to be eventually disappointing, Apple has decided to move away from this war.

This may also be due to Siri reading out mails and important information completely wrong, leading to many heart attacks across the world. Microsoft has said it will continue with its newly launched assistant Fido despite similar issues.

And with that 2012 draws to an end. See you in 2013!

Rajiv Makhni is managing editor, Technology, NDTV and the anchor of Gadget Guru, Cell Guru and Newsnet 3.

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First Published: Dec 23, 2011 19:36 IST