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Love is the only potion of life that cures all patients

commentpaper Updated: Jul 05, 2016, 12:13 IST
PP Wangchuk
PP Wangchuk

A dear friend, who has adopted a life of a messenger of peace, recently posted a touching quote on Facebook: “Your purse might be empty, but if your heart is full of pure love, you always have something to give. Nothing that a pure heart gives away is ever lost. It is kept in the hearts of others.”

Indeed, the gift of love is the greatest gift one can give and it is like a recurring deposit that has its value going up. The word ‘love’ itself has a magical effect on our mind and body, and it enhances the meaning and value of life equally both for the giver and the receiver.

Very powerful as it is, love, unlike hatred, can make the impossible possible.

As Gandhiji proved, love alone can conquer and resolve all difficulties and problems in life. I always recall Max Mueller whenever I think of love and its power. As he said, just as a flower can’t blossom without sunshine, we can’t live without love. Hunger for receiving or giving love is the only greed that is highly desirable and rightly goes without a negative tag. The more such hunger, the better it is for mankind. You go on receiving it or giving it, it only makes you and others limitless.

Just imagine a world bereft of love; it would be nothing short of living a life of greed and hatred — always shamelessly ready to go selfish all the way.

And all good things of life — kindness, care and sympathy and empathy — will go missing.

Love enlivens life; and that is why we have the wise adage that love without restraint makes one a saint and the other faint. It is the only potion that cures all kinds of patients.

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