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Having a bad time?

The college years are not a carefree phase for everyone.
Hindustan Times | By Rahul Sabharwal, New Delhi
UPDATED ON JUL 04, 2008 03:49 PM IST

For most of us, thinking back on college days involves a nostalgic look at all the great moments. However, a lot of college graduates remember these three years as nothing more than a grey patch. As Sanjay, who graduated from Hindu college two years ago, says, "It's easy for those social butterflies who become popular as soon as they enter college.

However, hardly anyone pays attention to those who are marginalised. Many people know how it is to spend three years struggling to make friends." Neena, who recently graduated from Hans Raj college, says, "DU is shallow and obsessed with looks. I'm glad that phase of my life is over."

Being in an all-girls' college may lead to - as some might put it - lack of options. Tania, who recently graduated from one such college in south Delhi, has one word for her time there: horrible. "There were no guys around, there were hardly a couple of classes in the entire week. We used to get so bored," says Tania. "I had to deal with having no social life." Peer pressure Many students HT City spoke to felt that DU fails to address various core issues.

Sakshi, who went to a girls' college in DU, points out, "The IP molestation incident happened and hardly anything was done. Same goes for all the harassment cases that go unreported every day Seeing such incidents made my col . lege life a rather disappointing experience."

Then there are those who fail to deal with the frustrations of everyday life. "Life gets boring beyond a point," says Abhishek, a student of a medical college. "Then there's the problem of peer pressure. Everyone around you is smoking, drinking and dating someone. You feel out of place if you don't follow suit."

If you aren't the happiest person in your college and feel that it's a dire situation only you are in, remember that there are others like you. After all, misery loves company .

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