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Pesky parents

Sometimes the big bother during the admission season, believe it or not, are the parents.
Hindustan Times | By Rahul Sabharwal, New Delhi
UPDATED ON JUL 03, 2008 12:33 PM IST

I t’s not the students, it’s the parents. They are just too ‘concerned’. Yes, we know admissions are a big deal and every parent wants their child to get into a fabulous course in a fabulous college. But such serious situations often lead parents to behave in a manner which tends to be... let’s say a bit awkward.

This is precisely what happened when LSR recently faced the fury of a wrathful mother. Infuriated that her daughter was not getting into the course of her choice, mom showed that the 'F' word isn’t the sole property of teenagers. “She screamed at the NSO union, our sports teacher and a host of other people, finally forcing her way to the principal’s office,” says a college student.

“The only thing that stopped her was the threat of calling the cops.” More subtle examples of such parents abound. They probably outnumber the intimidated students squeezing their way through every queue. Abhishek, a student in Maulana Aazad Medical College, says, “Last year, a fresher’s mother came up to me and started asking me to take care of him. It was embarrassing for that kid as well as me.” And then there are the questions. No, they aren’t your usual enquiries.

Diksha, a third-year student from DU, says, “They ask us our scores and then they glow with pride if their kid has got higher marks. Worse are the ones who shoot big names at teachers, trying to impress them with their high connections.” And then there are the paranoid papas.

As Kiran, a secondyear LSR student, explains, “Sometimes they are so hyper that they’ll ask the way to the first floor while standing next to the stairs.” While pesky parents may be a headache for some, they are a crucial moral support for others. As Nisha, a DU graduate says, “You need guidance after school and it’s hard to suddenly go out into the world on your own. It helps having someone as experienced as your parent around.”

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